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Vivien of Holloway: Grace Victory Rose Purple

Hello lovelies,

I love how beautiful the world becomes once spring is in full swing! 
Spring is so inspiring, so welcoming, so delightful... It never ceases to amaze me how almost imperceptibly the pink shades of cherry and apple blossoms are being replaced by the pretty purple-violet color of the lilac trees. It's like nature reminds us that there is always beauty and "good" if we choose to see it... Lilacs give softness to the world and to life. I love it, not only for its enchanting fragrance, but mostly because of its delicacy and humbleness...

The story, according to Greek mythology, begins with a stunning nymph named Syringa (lilac's botanical name) who caught the eye of Pan, the god of fields and forests. Captivated by her beauty, Pan chased Syringa through the forest until she became exhausted. To escape Pan, the nymph turned herself into a fragrant flowering bush - the flower we today refer to as lilac... (Sylvia)

These photos were taken the day after 
 I walked in my lovely neighborhood, where I saw many lilac trees in full bloom - I was so so inspired! I thought I must have photos in front of lilacs.

I'm wearing the most beautiful Victory Rose Purple Grace Wrap Circle Dress by Vivien of Holloway:
and the Purple petticoat:

Victory Rose floral prints are available in Peach, Cerise, Purple and Royal.

This fabric is very special to Vivien of Holloway as it is their first exclusive print, designed by Vivien specifically for their beautiful skirts and dresses. An eye catching and graceful print, each colour is perfectly complimented with VoH latest selection of petticoats. Team the delectable Victory Rose Purple with a wonderfully frothy purple petticoat for a match made in heaven!

   •    1950s Style Dress
    •    Wrap top
    •    Circle skirt
    •    Cotton Sateen
    •    Skirt length 28inches
    •    Made in London England

No outfit is complete without a flower in your hair - I've chosen the Purple White Hair Clip to match this outfit:


"Kissing always makes you beautiful. If you don't believe me, ask the frog who became a prince!"

About Vivien of Holloway:

A life-long Fifties lifestyle and fashion enthusiast, Vivien began sewing vintage-style clothes for herself at a mere ten years old. At eighteen, she opened her first shop in the world famous but now sadly gone Kensington Market, selling her hand-made 50s reproductions to fellow followers of 50's fashions. Many satisfied customers later, we can fast forward... oh, a couple of years to 2000, when the Vivien of Holloway brand was born, and Vivien's signature Fifties style soon took the world by storm.
Our focus has always been on producing beautiful dresses and separates with all the look and the charm of authentic vintage, but in a range of sizes to fit and flatter modern figures and ease of care to suit modern lifestyles.
With period perfect fabrics and cuts only slightly adapted from genuine vintage styles, in Vivien of Holloway you can be transformed into a cheesecake pin-up, a femme fatale, a saucy Mad Men-era office girl, or a WWII working girl – the choice is yours! All our clothes are proudly made in the UK and are loved by well-dressed women (and men!) across the globe; from rockabilly gals and swing dancers, to re-enactors and even celebrities! As well as producing gorgeous vintage-style clothing, we also pride ourselves on good old-fashioned customer service. For us, it's not just about looking the part, it's about the whole lifestyle. We're just trying to make the world a more fabulous and glamorous place, day by day.


Idda van Munster

Secrets in Lace in my Boudoir

Hello lovely readers,

as you all already know I'm a vintage lingerie/stockings/corsets/petticoat lover (freak)!

Here are some photos from my little boudoir wearing Secrets in Lace lingerie, petticoat and of course stockings.
 Nowadays, there are a limited number of web stores which deals in offering these vintage stockings, lingerie, underwear....

I'm wearing the amazing Eva Outline Heel stockings.

"The Eva Outline Heel Stocking is one of our newest, and most loved! This sheer stocking with vintage detail will glam up any of your favorite outfits. Celebrating our 30th Year in Business as the leading designer of newly manufactured vintage nylon stockings we bring you the Eva Sheer Outline Heel Fully Fashioned Stocking. We combined the unique welt design from our Bridgette stocking (launched 10 years ago) with a Sheer Outline Heel to create a true masterpiece! This European Heel Outline follows the shorter wider shape of our Gennia 10 Denier Fully Fashioned Stocking."

These stockings are so beautiful - really a must have and well worth the price.

"Our Soft Chiffon Petticoat has more than 40 yards of fullness and 120 yards of three-inch ruffling trims the bottom tiers."

Bettie Page Bullet Bra 
"Bettie Classic Collection Our satin is shiny and just the right weight to create a perfect line. The Bettie Page Bullet Bra has all the nostalgic details you expect with a circle stitch soft cup to create a sexy projection, perfect under sweaters and our exclusive sheer Anna Blouse. Check out our Sheer Bullet Bra for more Nostalgic Glamour. Exclusively by Secrets In Lace for Bettie Page."

Makeup Too Faced and lashes by Lena Lashes
Lena Lashes are handmade with the finest of materials 100% premium hair and cruelty-free synthetic fibers. 
Get your lashes www.lenalashes.com use Coupon Code: IDDAVANMUNSTER for 5$ off from your order. 

My absolute favorite are the Shiny Seamed Full Fashion stockings:

"We dressed up our classic French Heel Stocking just in time for the Holidays! The backseam is sewn with metallic thread for a festive look. You'll turn heads when you wear these stockings."

In the 20s, women scandalized their elders by wearing sheer silk stockings that drew attention to their legs. They had people wondering, "OMG, are her legs bare?" Scandalous, indeed. In 1939, nylon was introduced at the World's Fair, making stockings cheaper and more delicate. In the late 30s and into the 40s, fully-fashioned stockings had the seams because they had to be closed in the back. In the late 40s and into the 50s, manufacturers were able to make them on round needles and make the parts that received the most stress stronger. That was the birth of the reinforced heel and toe (RHT) stocking. A lot of stockings you find today have a seam but aren't full fashioned, meaning the seam is just for decoration, not for actually putting the stocking together.

The seams are functional, and the heels feature an attractive reinforcement, such as a "point" or "cuban" style.  Fully-Fashioned stockings are the top-of-the-line in vintage legwear.

Secrets In Lace is the worlds premier supplier of authentic 100% nylon stockingselegant vintage lingeriegarter beltsgirdles andbullet bras. Our products are worn by the worlds most famous and influential people. Only they know what lays beneath their classically elegant attire......their "Secrets In Lace". We invite you to share in this incredible feeling and expression of femininity
Remember... Keep The Romance Alive!!!

With love,

Idda van Munster

petak, 7. ožujka 2014.

Dark 1920's Flapper Look by Nina and Muna

Hello dear readers,

in this post I would like to introduce you to two very talented Bosnian photographers. 
They both have a great eye for photography. Thanks again for your talent and friendship my dear ladies!
I have done photos with both on the same theme: Dark 1920's Flapper look inspired by the Great Gatsby style. The images that we shoot just come out absolutely amazing!

Okay... lets start with Nina Mašić.

What can i say about Nina's work? I don't thing there are the right words to describe her amazing sense for photography that she shows us constantly.
She knows how the capture the real meaning of a photo and the truths of the people in them. Her tones and concepts are fantastic. Her models, including herself are so stunning already but Nina's processing make the whole image even better.
This is not the first time I worked with Nina. I always enjoy posing in front of her camera. 

Name: Nina Mašić
 Born: 20.04.1990.

After she graduated from high school in her hometown Bihać (Bosnia & Hercegovina) she moved to Sarajevo to study graphic design on Academy of fine Arts. Nina discovered her interests in photography when she was 17, but got her first camera when she was 20, and since then she has worked and practicing everything about photography. She began with art photography, self portraiture and other types of photography before she found out that her biggest passion is fashion photography.  She also began finding joy in retouching photos, because to her it’s something that will make your work a distinctive and unique.

She quotes Natallia Taffare : “I find the retouching process an inspired way to take a good image and develop it in to something perfect, or to make a perfect image amazing. I’m a neurotic, detail maniac, control freak who thinks beauty is shown solely through the details. Everything has a hidden beauty and it’s my job to unleash it.“ She never knows exactly what’s going to happen at a photo session. She doesn’t allow herself to get too many specific ideas in her head so that she can be open to be inspired by a subject, location, and the light. Her only wish is to keep doing photography and retouching  forever. 

And here how the photos turned out by Nina
Hairstyle/Make-up and styling by me

Follow her amazing work on her facebook page: Nina Mašić- Through the Lens
For more information regarding photography servises (photoshoots, weddings...etc.), all about interview requests, photo publishing and cooperation, please contact Nina at:  ninamasic@gmail.com
 If you're interested to buy her work and the rights to use it, feel free to send her a note.

Muna Nazak is amazingly talented and her works are so unique and precious! 
She has been one of my favourite photographers, since the day I discovered her work.
The colors, poses, tones & composition all work so well together in every photo she takes.
 Her photos are too beautiful to look at. It's like I'm looking at the world I dream about but when I wake up - it's too good to be true. I love the nostalgic feeling in her photographs.
Muna is beautiful inside and out. Everytime she posts a new image, it's the same excitement, because your never know what you get. All you know is that it is going to be different, but yet amazing.

Name: Muna Nazak
Born: 24.03.1988.

Her name is Muna Nazak. She was born in Mostar and is 25 years old. Muna is studying Faculty of Law at the University of Sarajevo. What was her interest about becoming a photographer? The beauty of photography is that it captures moment into eternity, frozen in time. 
One photograph can describe whole story of thousand words. It is also one of the reasons for her strong commitment to photography. Where  she finds  inspiration to make her photographs? Simply everywhere: beauty, nature, different faces are all around us. What does she most love to photograph? People, nature, landscapes and animals. 
Muna's favorite qoute:
"Photography helps people to see."

Enjoy the photos I did with Muna
Hairstyle/Make-up and styling by me
Headpiece by Jazzafine pieces full of verve

Feel free to contact Muna Nazak on her email if you also want beautiful photos or if you're interested to buy her work and the rights to use it: nazak.muna@hotmail.com
Oh and her facebook page if you'd like to say hello!

Thank you very much for your attention, have a 
nice day.

Idda van Munster, Nina Mašić and Muna Nazak

srijeda, 5. ožujka 2014.

Last spring 2013 - Germany

Dear readers,

I was looking into my files in the middle of the night and found some of these pictures which was taken in Germany last spring. Just wanted to share these old pictures with you here.

Photos by Tom Maurer http://www.tommaurer.de

Dress and hat by Rags 2 Vintage http://www.rags2vintage.com

Cardigan: Chloé http://www.chloe.com

Shoes, jewellery and bag: Vintage

Hairstyle and makeup by me

Model Dog: Etienne 


I can't wait for spring to arrive... Spring fever!


Idda van Munster