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Bring back seamed stockings & girdles!

Seamed stockings, the best way to create beautiful legs!
I absolutely adore seamed stockings, I feel like I’m wearing a bit of history on my legs when I wear them! I usually get comments from older women, some who remember wearing them years ago, asking me “where did you find those?” in an astonished voice. They are so surprised to see someone still wearing them in 2012!

My seamed fully fashioned stockings

 It's time to bring seamed stockings back to the mainstream. Tights are all the rage but they make us bulge in the wrong places and show through our clothes, and they're really only good for daytime. We should be seeing seamed stockings out on the streets, on the buses, on the underground and in the bars.Think Marlene Dietrich and 30s glamour, and Dita von Tesse in her burlesque shows. 

I feel like I’m wearing a bit of history on my legs
Seamed stockings were so vital in the war that women drew lines up the back of their legs with eyeliner when they couldn't get them on the black market. It's an insult that they've been abandoned!

So girls, next time you're shopping for tights, but some seamed stockings instead, and wear them with high heels!And boys, buy them for your girlfriends, or anyone who you'd like to see wearing them! Let's bring back some old wartime pride and look great in the process.

1950's elegance

When many modern gals hear "girdle", they think of an uncomfortable, confining, matronly torture device reserved for Grannies. Over the years, a girdle has been associated with repression and being unattractive. The girdle is making a come-back, though as women try to shape their figures when exercise and diet cannot. For us vintage girls, a girdle is a wardrobe must-have! All classy ladies wore girdles from the 1920's to 1970's. When women left the house "ungirdled", they were considered to be sloppy and unladylike.

A woman wearing a girdle will walk and sit with a charming, careful grace that is distinct from the impressions produced by ungirdled informality. In addition to the pleasant tactile feeling of a girdle, many women enjoy the "vintage" feeling, the sense of dressing and moving like the truly classy Hollywood actresses." A girdle is like a great fitting bra, it is the foundation to any incredible outfit and will give the wearer support and confidence to look and feel her best.

My favorite girdle: The nude color one
What Katie Did girdle
 If you are a vintage lady, this is really a must have!
Have fun and stay slinky...
Idda van Munster

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  1. I adore it too...I bought few in Holland :)

  2. I love seamed stockings... though i haven't worn one in many months, tut tut! i think here in england it's quite common to see modern people wearing stockings as it's becoming a trend now.

  3. I love seamed stockings too! They are so elegant.

  4. I wholeheartedly agree with you. Wearing stockings and a girdle does something, which is not only about looks, but also about your comportment in general. Apart from that, of course you also look absolutely wonderful...!

  5. what advice would you give to a girl like me who despite of loving pin up style hates stockings so BADLY! my boyfireng loves 'em so we're still fighting..i feel bad i don't feel myself in stockings..:( what should i do?

  6. For me, wearing stockings is something completely natural, and I think it could easily become like that for you too, if you decided to give them a try.

    In my opinion, one should never force oneself to wear what one truly dislikes (and your boyfriend hopefully would also consent to that). Only, as a lover of pin up style you don't really seem to dislike the aesthetics of stockings.

    So, if I were you, I think I would start playing around a little for myself—and only for myself. Buy real fully fashioned stockings and a good girdle that fits you properly. Make your own little private pin up photos—just enjoy the fun of it & the beauty of your own pictures.

    Then, in time when you get a little used to the stockings and the feel of the girdle, start wearing them a little more at home, not for any special occasion.

    In a couple of months, I think this will give you the opportunity to find out if YOU really like or dislike wearing stockings...!

    1. thank You so much for answering me! i'm sure now i'll give a try :) I admire You and your classy style! <3 <3 <3 much love!

  7. I agree with you Jannie! That's the point of wearing stockings and girdle. Feel comfortable & sexy for yourself!

  8. Now for a very different viewpoint. I kept at my girlfriend to wear girdles again. Finally three months ago she agreed and I was thrilled, actually thrilled. Because I love girdles on women. Little did I know what was coming: she'd wear a girdle again, but only if I did too, not all the time, but for such days and times when I was not working, as she would say. After a few weekends of this I was amazed - I began to feel "loose" after I took my girdle off. I have to wear open-bottom girdles(because of my male privates) AND stockings do as to anchor the girdle down. Bet you're all laughing, or horrified, already but she's a very determined woman. And I began to like it and what it did, please read on...
    So now, from a male point of view the advantages, after only three months experience, of wearing a girdle. Of course I have a flatter belly and a nicely moulded bottom. I like my thighs in it too. I'm still getting used to the waistband which is a bit tight for me, it has to be because of the lesser male hip spring measurement. But I'm beginning to forget about it now most of the time. Also when anybody else is around I have to try to walk like a normal male, which is difficult because of the tight grip of the lower hem tying in my thighs. When I do the "girdle walk" , the way everybody has to walk wearing a suspendered open girdle, it's much more comfy to wear, my g/f loves this, says I walk almost as sexy as her! I have the advantage that I can stand up to pee, I just have to take down the knickers she supplied , that I wear OVER the girdle. Otherwise I'd be all day :-)
    And I've grown to like the nylon stockings much more than my male socks, even wish I could wear them out and about as I easily prefer them to trousers now. She insists that I must wear it all under my trousers when I go out, otherwise I wear a skirt in the house. I find a girdle etc is much more comfortable with a skirt. Otherwise I have no interest in panties or any other women's clothes.
    So what do I really like about wearing a woman's girdle, why do I continue now after she no longer tells me to wear it? Many ladies are going to be surprised when I say it's one of the most comfortable things I've ever worn and that's down to the continuous support holding me up. Some of you too may notice with pleasure the girdle holding up your bottom from under, that can be a nice little hug. I like too the way I can let my belly go and let it rest in the front panel, it's flat and that's great too. And it's amazing now how I can move around in it, and believe me it's "regulation tight" , mine as tight on me as hers is on her. Oddly I don't really feel it as tight anymore, just firm, and then only when I think of it.
    Today it's no problem at all to wear and it makes me look and feel good. I don't really take my girdles off anymore, I don't actually feel like taking them off, except going to bed at night, they're worn straight through from morning now. And on waking in the morning I like to get all that support on, it's a great relief - and I'm only medium figure like the g/f.
    A huge advantage is that it's calmed me down, I no longer go out drinking to pubs, in fact I gave up alcohol altogether since the girdle. As you all know it's hard to fit pints of Guinness into a girdle :-) So I'm saving money, I'm a lot healthier - and the beer belly has disappeared, the little of it left eliminated by my girdle. It has also made me quieter and more behaved - useful and healthy things girdles! And as she'll attest I'm as male as I ever was. She's delighted with all these changes and now we're saving to get married in church. Of course I'll be wearing my best girdle underneath :-)
    And if you want to ask me any questions, please do. Many thanks for your attention. Michael(Ireland)
    (On my g/f's googleID , she's Gilliane)

  9. Its always been my dream to one day open a vintage clothing and lingerie store. I want my store to be like walking through a doorway through time into the 1950's. All my salesladies will wear 1950's dresses and my company dress code will require them to wear girdles and fully fashioned stockings! Its just my way of creating a magical retro shop and also promoting proper ladylike attire to a generation of young women who need it badly.

  10. I had, as you see,my b/f write about us under my account there. Now he has another problem tghat we must solve together. He gave up cigarettes back there on Easter Sunday at my bidding,I'm not hard, it's for his own good , and he saves a lot of money now as well. But, alas, he has put on a lot of weight around the middle because he's been eating a lot more since he gave up the cigarettes.
    It's a not of weight to put on and all in seven weeks. Therefore I have him temporarily in an open-bottomed Playtex 18-hour, but now with a Playtex panty girdle pulled up over it. And now he has taken to exercises and I see a lttle progress already. He has it as his aim to be able to get out of the extra panty girdle by losing that weight asap, and I don't blame him, tee hee.

  11. i am a crossdresser from the usa and i just love wearing my girdles with my vintage nylon stockings and you are right we all should start wearing girdles and stockings again,phylisanne brooklyn new york.

  12. I love wearing my open bottom girdles with my nylons. I wear them almost every day except for the times i wear my garter belts with them. I enjoy how much more feminine they make me feel. I am a big fan, and will most likely never change my underware dressing style. veronnie2 aka veronnica

  13. Nice post all the information are really valuable for every one thanks for sharing such a nice post..

    1. I fell in love with my sisters panty girdles and nylons, and nylon panties in the 1950's. I own 100's of girdles mostly vintage, slips panties bras, 100's of pairs of nylon.They're like sexy old friends.I havent had a
      lady liver for a while, but always
      find "release" in the satiny snug ess of my girdles and silky nylons. I was embarrased for years but now openly admit this
      terrific fixation, resenting hiding
      when l'm an open honest person. I've had NO problems and the vintage shop girls are totally supportive, helping my fittings and judging my things
      as l model them for them, midst
      teasing giggles!

  14. I tried once to figure out why women are practically not wearing stockings nowadays... There seem to be various reasons... some of them are not even aware that sth like nylon stockings are still being produced (they know hold-ups at best)... some don't know (and don't bother to know) where to buy them... some still mean it's very uncomfortable and time-consuming (it's apparently quicker to put trousers on than a girdle, stockings and skirt)
    However, I think the main problem is a lack of examples... as you learn most things from home... thus, if the mothers would wear stockings, their daughters would probably find it the most natural way of dressing... thus my question is - why did our grandmothers and mothers stop to wear stockings in the 50s and 60s..???


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