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How to create a classic Hollywood cat eye look

The perfect cat-eye liner look brings to mind those 1960's actresses that graced the silver screen.

1960's eyes make-up
Sophia Loren

I do cat eyes every day.
Eyeliner ... friend or foe? Eyeliner can be one of the best tools in your beauty arsenal, if you know how to use your weapon right. The way you should line your eyes has a lot to do with the shape of your eyes.

Applying eyeliner well takes concentration and a relaxed hand. I recommend starting with a pencil liner to get the hang of it, and possibly graduating to a liquid liner when you feel more confident. Because there are many variations of the cat-eye look, ranging from sharp, thin and pointed to fat and supersmudgy, there are as many techniques.
My cat-eye look
All you need is:

1. A steady hand. Don't even think about trying this at home if you're jacked up on coffee or in a rush. Take deep breaths and relax.

2. Black eyeliner. I'm using Bourjois eyeliners or Essence waterproof. I like this Guerlain Divinora eyeliner too - because it looks so elegant and the brush is needle sharp. Liquids rule.

3. A neutral eyeshadow -- peach or taupe. You don't want to add color to the lid or diffuse the cat eye by blending. I'm using MAC: wholesale benefit naked eyeshadow.

4. Apply Mascara or False Eyelashes.

I always wear false eyelashes.

Let's do it:
Brush the neutral shadow on entire lid. Blend this color from your lids softly up to your brow bone, as your base shadow. You may want to add a bit of subtle shimmer under the arch of your eyebrow.
Starting on the inside of the eye, trace the black liquid eyeliner right along your upper lash line with a steady hand. The line should be ultra-fine. The only way to create a thicker line is to go back and add another right next to the first one. By doing this, you already have a straight line to follow. (It helps to gently pull the lid out to create a straight lash line.
You want to flip the line upwards at the end toward the temple. This is a very retro look and you can go more subtle and still get some oomph.
Add a boatload of mascara to TOP LASHES ONLY. I am talking like two, maybe even three coats. You might want to either add a few false eyelashes to the outer lashes OR just add more mascara there. The longer the lashes at the outer end, the more of a cat eye you get.

Here is the result:
The look: Cat-eye

With love,

Idda van Munster

A special thanks to my friend Safet Hadzimusic for the photos.

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  1. Divno ti stoji tuš i baš ga fino naneseš.
    Nisam baš vješta sa šminkanjem.
    Za večeranji izlazak stavim uvijek tuš i crveni karmin.
    Sa karminima je dosta lakše ;)

  2. Eh, ali meni su problem hooded eyes pa mi dio kapka uvijek pokrije ugao oka i crta koju povučem izgleda isprekidana :(
    Ali borim se. :D
    Fotke su krasne!

  3. Na tebi to sve lijepo izgleda, ali nisu svake oči za to. Meni je trebalo sto godina da skontam kakav tačno oblik tuša da koristim. Mozda sam jos uvijek u dilemi XD

  4. Sjajno, moj omiljeni način šminkanja očiju + crveni ruž na usne i savršeno :)

  5. Odličan članak! Najbolji savjet koji sam prije koji mjesec pročitala za nanošenje tekućeg tuša i tuša uopće jeste da nikad, ali baš nikad ne zatežem kapak - jednom probala i nikad više, linija bude sva grbava. Ja tuš često nosim i na donjem kapku, npr. kao u ovom makeup-u: nekako mi bolje pristaje obliku oka. I btw, što nosiš na usnama na prvoj slici, preidvno ti stoji? :)

  6. Imenjakinjo, nemam rijeci, stvarno si prelijepa i tus ti divno stoji...

    xx :)

  7. Love the cat eye look! Flawless xo

  8. Fantastic result!!!
    Have a nice day!

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  9. I just found your blog. I must say that I love your style and that you have such a classic and beautiful face!
    Love from Sweden

  10. nice blog. im a new follower now :)

    come and follow back

  11. Fenomelan je rezultat.I meni je to omiljeni način šmikanja očiju:)
    Prelepa si stvarno i odličan blog:)

  12. Wow, you are such a beautiful lady!! :) You cat eye is perfect :).

  13. Prekrasna si! Al ono stvarno si savršena! Može neki tutorial za frizuru?

  14. My favourite look! You suit is so perfectly! :) You are so pretty! :) x

  15. I love the cat eye look! Your photos are beautiful!

  16. these kind of eye makeup is very trendy at the moment but it's a bit hard to apply :)

  17. great make up, I will buy a liquid eye liner tomorrow ! x

  18. I can never make is as perfect as you did it!!! :(

    I'm following you, return love back?


  19. Perfect! :o I can do cat-eye too but not as good as you do it!

    if you like, please check my DIY Jeffrey Campbell Tick Studded Wedges.

    xx H

  20. WOW you do the most perfect cat eyeliner I've ever seen! Have you done a post on your everyday makeup and how you acheive it/ what you use? I would love to see that!

  21. You've done a lovely job and pulled the look off so beautifully. Your makeup is flawless! I loved it! If you don't mind my asking, what lipstick or lip gloss were you wearing in these photos? The color is so beautiful =)

  22. koje trepavice stavis? ja sam imala malo problema stim vise puta su otpale i tako hehe

  23. Thanks for the tutorial. I simply adore your blog.
    I've always found that those years were super glamorous and stylish. Wish I could try it one day.

  24. Divna si Aida...fascinantno izgledas...predivna si.
    Hvala na divnom članku...ali mene zanima koju podlogu kosristiš tj, puder, jer izgleda tako prirodno i lijepo.Zahvaljujem

  25. До чего же хороша!))
    Aida, прихожу к Вам за вдохновением - смотрю, любуюсь и удивляюсь красоте, нежности и открытости...

    From Russia with Love Lana)

  26. What lipstick are you wearing in the "here is the result" photo where you're looking out the window? So lovely!

  27. U ARE SO Beautiful <3 im in the middle east and I once seen ur pic on one if the store product and i fell in luv with ur make up and ur perfect skin. anyways i hope u can talk about ur hair what product do you use and how u style it plz

  28. I love the cat-eye but my eyes are too sensitive for makeup and especially eyeliner and mascara so I admire it from afar

  29. This is written very well you are a very good writer. I am agree with you. Hope you will Carry own writing in the same way. Thumbs Up!

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  30. Been following you for years...first on Twitter, now on Fb.....never get over how stunning you are...and you always inspire me.