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1950s Pageboy hairstyle. Summer wind. Elegant headscarf.

Hello readers,

I have cut my hair - from the ever so lovely Miss Angel. She is really marvel - gave me a great cut which really helps the setting process.
For this set, I’m using a lesson from the queen of the long pageboy:  Lauren Baccall.

New hair cut.
Hairstyles have continued to evolve over the last century with every decade coming up with a new look liked by or worn by most of the men and women of that time. Like today’s style is more of a straight and sleek look, back in 1950s the looks were more youthful, glamorous and trendy with the people trying to develop a new style every day. It was an era of innovative and aureate hairstyles some of which even today inspire hair artists. 1950s was the time of peace and freedom. With the war coming to an end, people had more time to care for themselves and try out new looks. The time and the free environment made 1950s to be a glamorous era with rock'n'roll and the baby boom at its height. All this glamour introduced bold, youthful looks with some trendy, short and curly hairstyles for both men and women.

Retro Pageboy hairstyle: If you are in love with this feminine 1950s hairstyle, then you can recreate this style at home.

A lot of women had their hair in shorter lengths, such as shoulder length, so that they were able to curl their hair under and into the popular pageboy hairstyle. Today, rockabilly pin-up ladies all over are trying to achieve the pageboy hairstyle once again.

I hope this helped anyone who is interested!
I just perfected this technique and it changed my life!

Supplies needed: large hot rollers, comb, haircomb bobby pins or clips, hairspray, pomade.
Step 1: Begin with hair pre-curled, preferably by pin-curls for best results.
Step 2: Gently start to brush out the curls, from the underneath layer. Brushing out curls takes some practice, so do not be discouraged if for the first few times, your curls wind up frizzy and useless. Try, try again.
Step 3:  Still brushing at the underneath layer, transition from brushing out the curls to brushing in a winding motion (mostly at the ends of the hair), to create the curl that we know as the "Pageboy". Do it too much, and the curl starts to fall out completely, but do it too little and the curl stays very high (which could be the desired effect, in some cases).
 Step 4: Style your bangs. Top reason why the Pageboy was so popular in it's time, was because of it's versatility. The versatility lies within the bang section of the hairstyle. For example, you could: Part and pin it at the sides, for a youthful look. Or part it at the side, but let it hang freely, for a sultry glamorous look. A center part is good for certain facial shapes, such as a face-shape that is too round. Or be creative, by styling the bangs into victory rolls or a "Pompadour".
  Step 5Finish off the look with a little hair spray. I prefer to spray the underneath layer and brush it through one last time. This gives it much hold, but makes it look as though you aren't wearing any product at all, because it is all hidden underneath.
Enjoy your new hair-do as me!
Big thanks to my friend for this wonderful photos
© Safet Hadzimusic

I have no idea what speaks more vintage elegance than a headscarf. Everybody from Vivien Leigh to Marilyn Monroe wore them, especially in convertibles (you know the routine, enter the car with flawless hair, exit with anything but... however, a headscarf helps you retain your hairstyle).
Headscarf and sunglasses is a inseparable attributes for me.

With love,
Idda van Munster

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  1. Obožavam gledati tvoje slike.. Nevjerojatan si model. :)

  2. you are gorgeous! Love the new hair :)

  3. Beautiful photo shoot. Your make-up is perfect, very feminine.

  4. Love this hairstyle! But I have thin hair, so it probably won't look good. But your look is stunning as always. I'm in love with you "headscarf&sunglasses" portrait and I agree that those things are timeless symbols od elegance!

  5. I always wanted to try this hairstyle but I never knew how to do it. I'm also not sure whether this would work for thin hair. But you look gorgeous.

  6. ocaravajuca si , divno ti stoji frizurica

  7. You look beautiful. Best regards from Poland:)

  8. Ja nemam riječi da opišem tvoju ljepotu...savršena si...i zaista si upravu, rodila si se u pogrešno vrijeme :))) divan ti je blog :**

  9. Love everything about this blog! Very helpful too, thanks for the tips (a video would be extra awesome *wink*).
    But I wonder, does your hair stay like that all day? I can do the pageboy, but it does stay put for a long time. :/ Any tips? Thanks :D

  10. SOoooooooo fantastic,very romantic and absolutely feminine look,Ida!!!

    You are SURE from this time:-)))*


  11. Every woman should own a headscarf, red lipstick and quality sunglasses for those days when you want automatic glamour. The 1940s pageboy is a hairstyle that just rings timeless elegance. I love your makeup...uniquely flawless!

  12. Da li bi mogla napraviti video tutorial za make up ili poneku frizuru ? Mislim da bi tvoji fanovi jako to željeli, jer si stvarno prelijepa i predivna :)

  13. You are definitely unique and I love that! Fabulous look!


  14. Beautiful photos and I agree about the headscarf! Essential for the convertible.

  15. Prekrasno :) Fotografije i super savjeti koji me uvijek oraspolože.Trebale bi biti negdje u riječniku uz riječ ženstvenost;)

  16. waw ... awsome

  17. Oh my word, your makeup is flawless!! Alex