četvrtak, 29. prosinca 2011.

My face on a billboard in Vienna

Hello lovely readers,

that's my first post on my blog, so here we go...

Today I was so happy when I saw my face on a billboard in Vienna.

Retro Vintage boutique in Vienna: Décennies
Krugerstrasse 15 Vienna

Photo from the set  ©Safet Hadžimusić

It is called "Décennies" and it's tag line is "Vintage Style - The Special Way of Living" which made me smile...
  This place is stuffed with reproduction vintage dresses and although at first I was totally overcome by the bright colours, the petticoats, the patterns on the fabrics (strawberries, pin up girls, cherries, all very cute indeed!).

 I love how the frame of the picture below is made to feel as though you were looking through a key hole at this into a boudoir, how very naughty!

Lots of love,

Idda van Munster