srijeda, 21. kolovoza 2013.

My instagram. Summer 2013

Hello readers,

Instagram is honestly my favorite app on my phone. Are you on Instagram? I am – and I love love love it! It is such an easy way to find inspiration and a quick way to share snapshots of whatever is going on at the moment. I have “met” so many wonderful people from all around the world - sharing the same passion as me. 

While I'm away from my blog you can still find me on Instagram - follow me @iddavanmunster 

This will be maybe the longest post on my blog. Enjoy!

Flying over Germany.

Missing already - Berlin.

Getting ready for my photoshoot with Tom Maurer.

Old town Berlin.

Benefit cosmetics shopping.

At Fruchthaus - shopping Stop Staring and Bettie Page Clothing.

Brunch time at Academie der schonen Kunste.

Marlene Dietrich wall Berlin.

Shooting with Claire Rosen New York.

Amazing outfits and hairstyles - happy face.

Visited Lena Hoschek.

Somewhere over the rainbow. I love this place!

All the colors of the world - love.

The view from my hotel room at Kostelski Buk Bihać.

Roses - everywhere.

Love watching sunsets.

Home sweet home - breakfast.

Visited my aunt at nursing home.

Good hair day.

Life is a cup of tea/coffee.

My friends from Belgium - beautiful twins.

Lazy day.

Lying in the sun with SPF 50+

Never forget your skincare.

The most beautiful creature.

Nude colors - my choice for summer.

Waist training.


Collecting rose antique postcards.

Night out in Sarajevo.

Summertime. Romantic streets. Sarajevo.

Agent Provocateur Love.

FF stockings and my fav heels.

In my room - ready to leave the house.

Earling in the morning - my favorite part of the day.

Cookies - njom njom.

Pearls and nails.

Hairstyle and make-up done for this elegant and gorgeous bride.

Homemade Lip Palette.

Tired face.

I really deserve this after a hard-working weekend.

Can't decide - Stop Staring dresses are the best.

Photoshoot for my special interview in magazine Slobodna Bosna.

Sometimes I don't know what to wear so I just stare at my clothes expecting them to pick themselves out.

Sunday morning tea time. It's the little things in life - that make us happy.


Sleepy. Coffee before work.

Lazy to do my hair.


Idda van Munster