srijeda, 25. srpnja 2012.

The Young Victoria: No-Makeup Look

Dear readers,

I love the movie The Young Victoria (2009).

Emily Blunt was practically perfect in every way as Victoria.  At the beginning of the movie, I was a little afraid that she was going to be some bratty modern woman who wanted everything her own way and would not let her free and passionate spirit be quenched by her overbearing guardians. And as it turned out, she was that way at first and yet I felt sorry for her instead of being annoyed with her.  The poor girl had an awful lot to put up with, both from her mother and from Sir John Conroy (whose relationship to the royal family is still a bit of a mystery to me... can anyone clear that up?).  But though it was evident she wasn't happy with her life, she wasn't obnoxious or snotty about it.  Maybe it was just Emily Blunt's superb performance, but I found myself liking Victoria immensely, almost  from the very beginning.

I think Emily Blunt is an absolutely breathtaking beauty.

The best No-Makeup makeup is in this movie.
In Victoria’s time, makeup was considered appropriate only for actresses and prostitutes, so an obviously painted face would have been a no-no in this teen queen biopic.
Blunt’s blooming cheeks, arching brows and ever-so-slightly berry lips are a no-doubt painstakingly applied variation of the natural aka nude look that is a runway perennial.

She was my great inspiration for my natural makeup look!

My tips:

1. To enhance your natural beauty, you don't need heavy foundation, dark blush, a dazzling array of eyeshadow colors or glittery powders. Makeup that looks natural shows that you have nothing to hide.

2. Achieving a natural makeup look can mean applying just as many cosmetics as you usually do, and sometimes more. Just remember the simple rule: less is more.

3. The trickiest part to the no-makeup look is definitely the skin. For those who are blessed with good skin, a tinted moisturizer will suffice.

My natural No-Makeup Look

4. When it comes to selecting blush, choosing the right hue is imperative to achieving a natural look. If you're in a quandry, conduct a simple experiment: What color are your cheeks when you come in from the cold or after you engage in physical exertion? Your blush should match your "flush" as closely as possible.

5. Create a natural-looking eye by using mascara only while avoiding thick eye pencils and liners. Mascaras are formulated for specific purposes, some give a dramatic, thick-lashed look, while others simply lengthen and separate the lashes. If you want shiny, long lashes consider using a mascara such as Sephora's Professional Clear Mascara, which adds no color to your lashes but gives them an extra boost and soft sheen (this can also be used to shape and define eyebrows). Or use one layer of mascara that most closely matches the shade of your eyelashes.

6. Create a natural-looking eye by using mascara only while avoiding thick eye pencils and liners. Mascaras are formulated for specific purposes, some give a dramatic, thick-lashed look, while others simply lengthen and separate the lashes. If you want shiny, long lashes consider using a mascara such as Sephora's Professional Clear Mascara, which adds no color to your lashes but gives them an extra boost and soft sheen (this can also be used to shape and define eyebrows). Or use one layer of mascara that most closely matches the shade of your eyelashes.

7. To fill in your eyebrows, apply powder with an angled brush instead of pencil. Blend with a spoolie to soften the look.

8. Shade Eyelids: A soft, brownish tint enhances your eyes’ natural contours without showing up as shadow. Choose a shade slightly darker than your skin. Brush it into the creases and along the lower lashes, making sure there are no hard edges.

9. For natural-looking lips, heavy lip-liners and matte lipsticks are out, and stains, sheers and glosses are in. Choose the shade of nude pink that's closest to your lip tone. Two good cosmetics to try are Vincent Longo's Lipstain SPF 15 Lipstick and Baby Balm, which come in a variety of lip-toned hues.

So how do you ladies rock the natural look? Share your tips!

With love,

Idda van Munster

nedjelja, 22. srpnja 2012.

Rockabilly/vintage store:

Dear readers,

If you are looking to change your wardobe to more classy, feminine, modest and “I want to look my age” kind of deal - then you are on the right place here. The key to Rockabilly is all in the style. Kustom rides, pin-up hairstyles, and vintage threads all make up the Rockabilly vibe. While hitting up websites like ebay, and etsy can yield some very good deals and styles, shopping local is a great way to support our local community. The Rockabilly crowd is a relatively small one, and we can all do our part to keep that spirit going by supporting eachother.
So with that in mind, here is my favorite online rockabilly/vintage store
online store for streetwear, surf & skate clothing, pin up, hot rod & tattoo culture, Iron Fist, Lucky 13, Felon, VanS, Element, Merc, Thrasher, Globe, Atticus, Miss Fortune, Collectif, Osiris and more...

Last week - I was a model for FearBoxStore clothing from Berlin/Germany.
Photos by © Dado Veron
Make-up/Hair by me

Finished hair and make-up.
The old trend that is influencing the future.

Our culture now is going full circle. Old rules but new trends just blend seemingly together. Diving into this glamorous wardrobe has many advantages.

This style flatters it’s host no matter what your shape and size may be.

Having the A-line cut, gives your figure the hour glass look even if you don‘t have one. The new Lucky 13 "Miss Prissy" dress is made of charcoal pindot stretch cotton/poplin and has an adorable black bow at the left shoulder. More details on:

The Sailor dress Navy. More details - Buy now!

Miss Fortune - Lady Luck Wiggle dress - More details - Buy now!

Buy this TOP now on: 
LUCKY 13 Raquel Cardigan
Acrylic leopard cardigan with scoop neck.
Embroidered at waistband.
Miss Fortune - Nautical Nancy Off the Shoulder Top - Navy - More details - Buy now!

Pay attention on the details: hair, make-up, nails and of course accessorizes (hair flowers, bandanas...).

This genre of clothing evokes the feminine image. It’s fun, ready to wear and playful. How I wish I lived in this era…

So go ahead and be a rebel and fall in love with rockabilly fashion at FearBoxStore!

Long live rock'n'roll,

Idda van Munster

utorak, 17. srpnja 2012.

Classic Cocktails for Those Warm Summer Nights

"For me, Cointreau is a quintessentially French brand, a product which transcends fashions and trends. I love its delicate taste contrasting with its strong personality." ~ Dita von Teese

Classic cocktails (1930)
The vintage-inspired cocktails are truly out of this world - Old fashioned, but modern, with a big twist of adventure. Cocktail recipes that have kept their style and those with enduring popularity are referred to as classic cocktails. Cointreau is known and recognised as being at the heart of some of the world’s greatest classic cocktails, including the Margarita, which was created in 1948 in Acapulco.  Cointreau is also the key ingredient of the famous Cosmopolitan,  created in New York in 1991.
Everything is prepared with the precision of a chemist, and you get the sense that they take pride in what they make. These cocktails are something to be admired.

When you walk through a lane with alcohol in the supermarket you sometimes find a bottle you do not know. Cointreau can be one of such a bottles because it is not very often drunk pure. However you probably know Cointreau from cocktails like margarita, cosmopolitan or sidecar. Cointreau is a liqueur made from alcohol extract of dried orange peel and this kind of spirit is referred as triple sec.

I love cocktails and I love Cointreau because it’s the key ingredient in my favorite cocktail, the Cosmopolitan.
Elegant, cold, sweet and beautiful.

I'm wearing my favorite floral vintage dresses.

Warm summer nights out with my friends. The moments when the works day is done, the sun is setting and all you have left to do is enjoy.

I love summer nights even more than days! They are so special and romantic!

With love,

Idda van Munster

četvrtak, 12. srpnja 2012.

Reuniting with childhood friends

A person meets many people in life but there are only some who leave a lasting impression in our minds...

Anyone have any experiences with meeting up with childhood/friends from the past? Have they changed for better or for worse?

I just recently was contacted by a dear childhood friend (one of the four sisters) through the great website - By using this great tool it has given me the chance to reconnect with my past; it has opened a portal into my childhood.

It was wonderful to meet again after so many years. We went to school together and then they moved to Liège in Belgium. Guess what!? They are sisters. Yes, four sisters!

As you get older, you may find yourself wondering about an old friend from summer childhood memories and school. You may wonder where they are now, what they are doing and how you can get back in touch with them. Luckily, in an age of advanced technology, it is much easier to find and meet old friends than ever before. It was really wonderful today!
Meeting them again after being lost for a long time in altogether a different and difficult world, is like meeting our roots, our innocence, a real you, which one forget often while struggling hard with life...

Me in the middle of the beautiful twins.
I've done her the Victory Rolls.

I'm wearing:
Dress - 1950's vintage shop
Hat - handmade by Doll in Sugar Coma
Bag - a gift (vintage)
Shoes - vintage shop

With love,

Idda van Munster

srijeda, 11. srpnja 2012.

15 summer days: A photo journal!

Dear readers,

sorry for my silence. I'm enjoying summer days and I'm so freaking busy.
I decided to do a post: One day - One photo.
Photos taken with my mobile phone camera.

Day 1:  Finished nails. Sunset on my balcony - beautiful moments to enjoy!
Day 2: My summer look
Day 3: Coffee time with my mother
Day 4:  Raindrops on my window. I love that smell of summer rain. Nothing better.
Day 5:  Enjoying the beautiful day with my boyfriend - enjoying every moment of it. The Dots look like Hearts.
Day 6:  Package arrived from Canada (it took 2 months to arrive), from my lovely Monia Dolly Von Sucre (Doll In Sugar Coma) ♥ So let's see what goodies I got. Thank you so much! What a sweet surprise.
Day 7:  Today I choose to let my hair down.
Day 8:  It's so freaking hot outside. Cold showering again..again and again.
Day 9: Studing all day long. Pafff!
Day 10: Doing wedding hair & make-up for a wonderful lady.
Day 11: What to wear? Floral 1950's dresses?
Day 12 Working and having fun with my friends. Choose cocktails that are elegant and unique. I love the classic Cointreau Sidecar…it has a warmth that is divine, plus most people don’t know this classic vintage cocktail, so it’s a delight to serve it at parties.   
Day 13: Heaven with Cointreau day 2 on Sarajevo Film Festival.  The best! Cointreau ❤
Day 14:  I'm in love with my new tattoo necklace. Photo © Semir Dedeić. Me and my sweet lil sister Ana Marija.
Day 15: Say hello to this adorable pony. On the way to visit my aunt.
All my love,

Idda van Munster