petak, 7. ožujka 2014.

Dark 1920's Flapper Look by Nina and Muna

Hello dear readers,

in this post I would like to introduce you to two very talented Bosnian photographers. 
They both have a great eye for photography. Thanks again for your talent and friendship my dear ladies!
I have done photos with both on the same theme: Dark 1920's Flapper look inspired by the Great Gatsby style. The images that we shoot just come out absolutely amazing!

Okay... lets start with Nina Mašić.

What can i say about Nina's work? I don't thing there are the right words to describe her amazing sense for photography that she shows us constantly.
She knows how the capture the real meaning of a photo and the truths of the people in them. Her tones and concepts are fantastic. Her models, including herself are so stunning already but Nina's processing make the whole image even better.
This is not the first time I worked with Nina. I always enjoy posing in front of her camera. 

Name: Nina Mašić
 Born: 20.04.1990.

After she graduated from high school in her hometown Bihać (Bosnia & Hercegovina) she moved to Sarajevo to study graphic design on Academy of fine Arts. Nina discovered her interests in photography when she was 17, but got her first camera when she was 20, and since then she has worked and practicing everything about photography. She began with art photography, self portraiture and other types of photography before she found out that her biggest passion is fashion photography.  She also began finding joy in retouching photos, because to her it’s something that will make your work a distinctive and unique.

She quotes Natallia Taffare : “I find the retouching process an inspired way to take a good image and develop it in to something perfect, or to make a perfect image amazing. I’m a neurotic, detail maniac, control freak who thinks beauty is shown solely through the details. Everything has a hidden beauty and it’s my job to unleash it.“ She never knows exactly what’s going to happen at a photo session. She doesn’t allow herself to get too many specific ideas in her head so that she can be open to be inspired by a subject, location, and the light. Her only wish is to keep doing photography and retouching  forever. 

And here how the photos turned out by Nina

Hairstyle/Make-up and styling by me

Follow her amazing work on her facebook page: Nina Mašić- Through the Lens
For more information regarding photography servises (photoshoots, weddings...etc.), all about interview requests, photo publishing and cooperation, please contact Nina at:
 If you're interested to buy her work and the rights to use it, feel free to send her a note.

Muna Nazak is amazingly talented and her works are so unique and precious! 
She has been one of my favourite photographers, since the day I discovered her work.
The colors, poses, tones & composition all work so well together in every photo she takes.
 Her photos are too beautiful to look at. It's like I'm looking at the world I dream about but when I wake up - it's too good to be true. I love the nostalgic feeling in her photographs.
Muna is beautiful inside and out. Everytime she posts a new image, it's the same excitement, because your never know what you get. All you know is that it is going to be different, but yet amazing.

Name: Muna Nazak
Born: 24.03.1988.

Her name is Muna Nazak. She was born in Mostar and is 25 years old. Muna is studying Faculty of Law at the University of Sarajevo. What was her interest about becoming a photographer? The beauty of photography is that it captures moment into eternity, frozen in time. 
One photograph can describe whole story of thousand words. It is also one of the reasons for her strong commitment to photography. Where  she finds  inspiration to make her photographs? Simply everywhere: beauty, nature, different faces are all around us. What does she most love to photograph? People, nature, landscapes and animals. 
Muna's favorite qoute:
"Photography helps people to see."

Enjoy the photos I did with Muna
Hairstyle/Make-up and styling by me
Headpiece by Jazzafine pieces full of verve

Feel free to contact Muna Nazak on her email if you also want beautiful photos or if you're interested to buy her work and the rights to use it:
Oh and her facebook page if you'd like to say hello!

Thank you very much for your attention, have a 
nice day.

Idda van Munster, Nina Mašić and Muna Nazak

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  2. Really fantastic work!!!
    Amazing photography and you are beautiful Idda:)))

    Wish you great woman's day today!!!


  3. Really professional and breathtaking. I admire your beauty.

  4. These are incredible photos, you look beautiful and ooze 20's glamour x x x

  5. you look incredible

  6. Die Fotos sind ganz, ganz toll!!! So düster und sexy aber dennoch elegant. Sehr schön!

  7. Wie schön du bist *-*

    Ich finde es bewundernswert, wie du dich in wirklich jedes Jahrzehnt perfekt einfügen kannst.

    Liebst, dein Perlchen Noir

  8. The photos are beautiful, how could they not be, if you are the model. You have such an amazing face. You look like the film stars from the past. The 1st and the 2nd photo are my favourite. I don't understand women who hate other women because of their beauty. It's such a pleasure to look at you. It's so nice of you to introduce the photographers too.

  9. Zbilja ti lijepo stoji ta era. :) Baš sam shvatila da me podsjećaš na glumicu Emily Blunt, pogotovo u osmijehu. Lijepi pozdrav, lijepa Idda. :)

  10. Such a beautiful shoot! The stories of both are so different and yet equally beautiful. The lace hat and the cloche hat are wonderful. Where are they from?

    So pleased to discover you are a blogger and not just a model! You are all over Pinterest and I always find your pictures to be such a huge inspiration.

    Melissa x

    Vintage Tea Roses

  11. Hi !

    These pictures are amazing ! You're so beautiful !
    I made a draw inspired by one of them. It will be awesome if you can take a look and tell me what do you think about it. The draw is one my blog :


  12. Beautiful photos! Idda, you are so glamorous, keep it working girl! Olivia Kent

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