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Therése Rosier Art

What a find! I stumbled upon her work a few weeks back and it was a pleasant surprise, really talented and gorgeous painter who’s got an amazing future ahead of her. It's Therése Rosier Art.
I emailed Tereza asking her if she would allow me to introduce her and work to the readers of my blog. I was so pleased with her prompt and kind reply giving me her approval!

Thank you so much Tereza, I really appreciate this!

Today I'd like to introduce you to a talented artist named Therése Rosier. She is a young artist who has an artistic mind, who is passionate about her work...
Her name is Tereza Ester Vacková (23 years old) and her art name is Therése Rosier – because she loves everything about France, French elegance and roses.
Tereza is born in Prague / Czech Republic. From an early age her talents were recognized - graduated on Art School SSUSD in Prague. She lived in Prague till she was 21 years old, then moved to Teplice. Art is her full work. Retro/vintage/pin-up/burlesque lover. Sometimes poses as a photomodel and when she was younger she was performing with Prague Burlesque for a while.

Personal profile : www.facebook.com/Therese.Rosier
youtube : http://www.youtube.com/user/TheRosiery
email : rosiertherese@gmail.com

How wonderful to have a piece of her work like this of yourself! Looking for the perfect frame now - I can't wait to hang it on my wall... 

Original photo by © Safet Hadzimusic

Original photo by my talented friend © Angelica Photography

You can decorate your home, office, in a hall, and do so much with her beautiful paintings and arts. For more information, click on the above links, contact her on her email if you are interested to buy her paintings.

And here a part of our talk at tea time yesterday...

Idda: Why do you draw and why is it important to you?

Tereza: I love to draw since my childhood and love everything about art. I found my nature and spirit in drawing and painting . Sometimes I can not paint, but when I start with it I always lose my mind, it´s a heartwarming moment for me without thoughts. Relaxing time for my mind and soul... And this moments are important for everyone, but everyone needs to find it in an own way.

Idda: What inspires you the most?

Tereza: I find inspiration in many beautiful things like old vintage photos, 1930´s Czech movies and elegance of womans of these era – this fancy stuff inspires me for my look and my passion for retro – vintage style is reflected in my artwork . So I´m able to browse for hours and hours all kinds of blogs and websites with this theme before I start to paint.

Idda: Your paintings are extraordinary and appear so realistic. What tools do you use to create them? Would you like to describe your creative work process?

Tereza: I use normal round brushes from smaller to bigger size and classic ink pen for details. Practicaly everything I do with watercolors, aniline colors and common ink. Sometimes I used acrylic. At first I draw a sketch, then apply watercolors at wet surface and when it is dry, I use little by little several layers of watercolors with ink and acrylic colors for details . In the end I was completing paintings with abstract splashes and flowing colors. This is the most widely technique that I use.

Idda: Music you listen to while painting?

Tereza: I´m actually addicted in listening to music while painting ! It depends of my actual mood. Sometimes oldschool music like Fred Astaire, Benny Goodman, Elvis Presley, Andrew Sisters, Edith Piaf ( really love Piaf !!!!) sometimes Cocorosie, Dresden Dolls, Parov Stelar, Adele, Ronnie Magri....sometimes Nirvana, old stuff of Marilyn Manson, Korn etc. ....... It´s allways something else...

Idda: You are selling your paintings - tell my readers more about?

Tereza: Art is my employer and painting feed me. So I would love to sell painting in official online shop, but it´s feature - hope not to far. My official website is in progress - there you can find contact to me - but simplest are facebook page for now. There you can find my personal profile and my fan page ThereseRosierArt - there you can write me a message (or write me an email) and we can deal about painting to order according your special wishes or you can choose your favorite painting from my gallery. When I sum it up - find and add me on facebook and write me a message.  You can find information about upcoming website on my FB page too...

Idda: I know it's difficult to pick but which painting by you is closest to your heart?

Tereza: I'm really in love with one of my school pieces - it´s abstract canvas....that my boyfriend fell in love with this piece when we didn´t know each other. This piece in really close to my heart. And otherwise I really like one of my newest piece and it is quick ink drawing od Salvador Dali.

Idda: What would be your ultimate dream as an artist?

Tereza: Positively be very famous of course ;D
I would like to be able to afford luxury and comfort for me and my future husband maybe also our child – all from the money I make with my art. Honestly, that's my main goal. I would like to travel (and exhibit) all over the world. When this wishes come true, then I will be able to say my dream is filled.

Are you as much impressed as I am by these gorgeous paintings?
I would be very pleased to know your thoughts!
To Tereza : ‘Thank you again Tereza, for your approval to use the images of your page! And I do hope that my Bosnian as well as my international readers will appreciate your work as much is I do!’

Links and contact:
personal profile : www.facebook.com/Therese.Rosier
email : rosiertherese@gmail.com

All images: facebook page Therése Rosier All Rights Reserved © 2013 Posted with approval of Therése Rosier.

With love,
Idda van Munster and Therése Rosier

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Spring coat!

Dear readers,

Can you believe it is already March!? That means spring is on its way! Don't you love the feeling that spring is nearing? I do. The light is different, birds start singing early in the morning. The light comes through the curtains before nine... 
You can just smell it when you're outside. And it doesn't matter to me that it still freezes.

For me, Spring is all about coats and jackets.  I maintain it doesn’t really matter what you wear underneath.  Pop on a great coat and you’re good to go.  I’m not talking about little trench coat; I mean a great coat that will instantly dress up an outfit.

You can’t even imagine how excited I was when I found this beautiful vintage spring coat. The next day I felt like a superhero wearing it with a pair of oxford shoes, baret hat and a brown leather handbag.

I had a wonderful day with my lovely friend Maja. She took all the photos. Follow her work on her facebook page © Angelica Photography

Sending love,

Idda van Munster

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A big portfolio update.

Dear readers,

It has been a long time since my last blog post, as I have been very busy with many projects and with studying and preparing for exams.

New work to share! A big portfolio update today - I've added lots of new work to my site: Idda van Munster Facebook Fan Page.

I will be modeling for a really BIG company. Shhh I didn't say anything! Will let you know more soon... HAPPY!
I'm so excited!
It’s so wonderful how exciting life is and how much energy you get when you always have something interesting to look forward to!
Lots of GOOD things happening lately - I feel 2013 will be a super productive and successful year:

1.) From now on I'm in a partnership with SIGMA BEAUTY! It's a global store, specializing in makeup: shadow palettes, brushes kits and skin care!
Visit us online at:

Have you ordered from Sigma Beauty? 

I love the products and will write reviews about them soon! Stay tuned!

2.) I'm the new model for Glitter Paradise (I absolutely fell in love with their creations and jewellery) alongside Bernie DexterAcid Doll, Angie Alamilla, Rockwell Raquel, La Cholita and so many more great ladies! They created something special just for me!!! I will be modelling (and blogging) for Sweet Pins too - an online boutique that specialises in luxury stockings and vintage inspired lingerie from Australia ...and can't wait to be Sarah Troester Photography's model ❤

3.) Booked my flight to Germany: here I come in May ✈

Well I never tought of being a model, cause I didn't tought I had what it takes, but when I started wearing vintage I did shoots because I had ideas I wanted to produce. I do my own makeup and hair styles in all my photosessions! I actually prefer it as I know what looks work best for me! I've always had a passion for makeup and painting. My mother will say I started when I was a child – my first contact with colors and paper. I've always had a fascination with faces, and ripping apart her Vogue and Bazaar magazines when I was six probably didn't help either! Just the idea of creating beauty....has always fascinated me. To me, there's something that feels so good about putting on nice clothes, doing my hair, and putting on makeup - I feel pretty and confident when I get dressed up.
I think there's something special to be found in every day, and for me that's enough of an excuse to bring on the glamour!
Getting ready for my photoshoot. Stay tuned for photos.
© Angelica Photography

I don't like doing my hair, makeup and dressing up, I LOVE doing all those and more! I usually start rolling my hair in curlers after washing it in the morning or I do it before I go to sleep the night before (so I'm ready in the morning), usually tying a scarf to cover and contain the rollers. My makeup is fairly simple, lightly lining my eyebrows and putting black eyeliner. Some lipstick completes my makeup regime and of course a rose/peach blush.
  I just love being as feminine as possible and presenting myself to the world as a woman when the opportunity arises.
I do it because I'm a woman and I can. Looking glamorous/pretty/sexy/dressed up excites me and makes me feel more feminine, more like a woman, if that's possible. I consider it a privilege and a reward of being a woman. Look what I get to wear because I'm a woman! If you look at it from that perspective, you can't help but love it and have fun.

I wanted to show you some of the most recent images I have added to my portfolio:

I always enjoy working with my talented friend © Angelica Photography

"Memories. Nostalgic."
"You're my cup of tea"
"Thinking of you"

"Street style 1"
"Street style 2"
I was photographed by Elman Omic | All Rights Reserved © 2013
I really like his work!
"Perfumed with Chloé Love Intense"

I love love love to work with my friend Safet Hadzimusic Photography | All Rights Reserved © 2013
Here are the final photos we have done for a furniture company.

It's always a pleasure for me to work with MMS Studio.http://www.mms-studio.com.ba/© MMS Studio

Photo project © Andy from Germany

I have done a photoshoot wearing traditional Bosnian clothes.
Photo: Damir Ibrisimovic | All Rights Reserved © 2013

...and again amazing work with Safet Hadzimusic Photography | All Rights Reserved © 2013

Let me know which one shoot is your favorite one?


Idda van Munster