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One of my favorite blogging duos: the ladies of Bright Young Twins! Enjoy the interview!

Hello dear ladies!

Harriett & Aimee: "We believe that women should support other women in this world, and wish we could all work together to reach our goals!"

Here are Aimee (Brunette) and Harriett (Blonde), the sweetest double-act you could ever imagine. I started following their blog a couple months ago and I am addicted to it. They have a blog called Bright Young Twins, where they blog about their adventures and outfits. I truly envy the beautiful vintage pieces they manage to unearth and weave into their creative looks. I check everyday to see if there's anything new on their blog, I love to learn more about their lifestyle, the lifestyles of the past and what the future has to offer for it.

I decided to do an interview with these lovely ladies, so enjoy...

Thank you so much for doing this interview! I love your beautiful photos and vintage style; how would you describe your style? What is your hands-down favorite era or style from the past? Who inspires you style-wise (contemporary or past)?

Aimee: I don't really know how I'd describe my style. I've been asked so many times and its still a head scratcher. Maybe nostalgic, a handful of glamour and a pinch of macabre. 

Harriett:  Again I always find this question very difficult to answer! I aspire to look quite romantic and soft, almost ghostly, but always with an eccentric edge. There is also an element of the macabre involved. Think Miss Havisham or a 1920's fortune teller.


How old is your wonderful "Bright young twins" blog? Have you found like-minded friends, learned new things, or achieved anything else through your blog?

Aimee & Harriett: I think our blog is about a year and few months old. One of the best things about the blog is meeting fabulous new people, we'd never have met Jessica, Sophie and all the fabulous vintage mafia girls. There's so many ladies around the world that we're hoping to meet from the blogging community too, from Miriam and Betty in Sweden, to Twila and Solanah in America and Andi in Australia. It goes on and on!  Reading blogs has definitely taught us lots about old fashions and the like. I think as far as achieving goes, the fact that people read it never fails to amaze us and we're really grateful. 

What made you interested of this style to begin with? How long have you been going for this look?

Aimee: I don't completely know where it came from. I donned the simple pussybow blouses, seamed stockings, pencil skirts and red lipstick from when I was about fifteen. But it really escalated when I started going to 60's psych clubs,  I still wanted to be different so I started wearing 50's clothes. Soon after that I started looking into forties and then thirties. It just kept going.    
Harriett: I have dressed differently from a young age. I started of wearing second hand clothing at around 13, my look was very eclectic mixing 1960s and 1980s pieces with genuine vintage. In my late teens it was a more polished 1930s look, but I found this to restricting. Now I have just started my 20s I feel I have really developed and found my own personal style. I think my interest in period clothing is something inherent to my character, for example you can't really explain why you like the taste of a certain food, you just do! Thats how I feel about vintage.

Where do you find vintage-inspired clothes and accessories? Would you agree that in the past things were better quality, made from purer materials and with higher standards?

Aimee: Charity shops, antique shops, vintage shops and antique markets. Maybe, I can't really afford high quality clothes from good brands so I can't really know. As for materials I find that's my main problem with high street and reproduction brands. Great designs, but poor materials. Again, I compare really I have no money for 'Miu Miu'! 

Harriett: I'm a big fan of antique stores or markets for clothing. Often you can find a real bargain. As a seamstress I would agree the quality of the clothing pre 1950s was much higher. The British high street was born in the 1950s/1960s with the introduction of mass production items and synthetic materials. Although high end brands of this time generally kept up certain quality levels which continues to this day. Working for a fashion magazine I often get to handle high end and couture clothing and the craftsmen ship of many items is beautiful. 

Style icon that inspires you?

Aimee: Ginger Rogers, she was all kinds of fabulous. Jane Russell for her sexy messy hair.
Ginger Rogers & Jane Russell
Harriett: Theda Bara, Anna Karina, Gabrielle Ray, Jane Birkin, Isadora Ducan, Leila Waddell.
Gabrielle Ray
BYT in one German magazine

What is your message to all of us?

Aimee & Harriett: Don't be afraid! Self expression is so important, whatever you want to wear, do or think try not to be concerned with other peoples opinions, do
what makes you happy. If that means wearing your bright pink 1950s prom dress to the supermarket, then do it! A lot of time and effort is wasted trying to conform 
to what society deems acceptable. We also live by a strict no 'Girl Hate' policy. 'Girl Hate' (When ladies hate on other ladies) can stem from a whole bunch of things,
jealousy and competition seem to be the main factors. We believe that women should support other women in this world, and wish we could all work together to 
reach our goals. So we just want you to know that you are all beautiful unique stylish people, and whether you are male of female, we send much love your way.

Thank you so much!
Lots of love,
Idda van Munster

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