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THE WOMAN IN THE CLOCHE HAT by Arwen Photography

Dear readers,

I have become obsessed with Cloche hats.

Today I am honoring the classic bell shaped hat known as the cloche hat. These hats were wildly popular with the young flapper girls of the 1920s, because they allowed women to tuck their hair up into the hair to give the appearance of having short hair. Short hair not becoming popular until the middle part of the decade. 

Like many of the popular trademarks of 1920s fashion, the cloche was invented in France by the famous Parisian milliner Caroline Reboux in 1923. Cloche is the French word for "bell" - were usually made of felt so that they conformed to the head, and were typically designed to be worn low on the forehead, with the wearer's eyes only slightly below the brim. In later years, a summer cloche might be made from sisal or straw. I'm wearing my summer cloche straw hat in black with an ivory flower by http://www.tonak.cz

Photos by the lovely Hana Pašič from © Arwen Photography.
She is a very talented young female photographer and make up artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Check out her amazing work on her facebook page: Arwen Photography.

Me and the lovely Hana Pašić from Arwen Photography.

Inspiration: The 1920s, also known as the Roaring Twenties were a definite highlight in the illustrious timeline of fashion history. For one, it saw the rise of a new type of woman called the "flapper". A flapper was a lady who enjoyed herself and dared to embrace the modern and unconventional.
1920s fashion saw a major change in the way women dressed. Corsets were abandoned and shorter haircuts became fashionable. Hemlines rose to calf length, and in later parts of the decade, dresses were as short as knee length. Waistlines became looser and lower, showing off boyish figures in women. This type of dress was known as the shift dress.
The rise of popularity of cloche hats during the 1920s played a very big role in the major shift in women’s fashion statement. Women from the 1920s already started to wear more casual outfits and loose clothing rather than wearing clothes that are tight that can be physically restrictive. Cloche hats can help in making casual outfits of women from the 1920s to be more stylish. During the 1920s, wherein the use of cloche hats was new, many people find it a type of scandalous fashion statement. However, but once many people already used cloche hats, the fashion statement became more accepted.

Do you wear Cloche hats? What do you think about the Roaring Twenties?


Idda van Munster

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  1. I looooove a good cloche. I own quite a few and my teachers at TAFE (I am studying Millinery) are getting sick of me constantly trying to make cloches in various materials. I am a wee bit obsessed with making them. I especially love the black and white one you are wearing...so beautiful.

  2. There is this saying in Poland: a pretty one looks pretty in everything. And so do you Aida! As for cloche hats I think you can see quite a few women wearing hats that have shape based on them during autumn over here.

  3. Cloche hats are among my favourites. I have some in my wardrobe. I think they complete a look oh so well. These ladies look wonderful. Yay for cloche hats. I enjoyed reading the history part of them too. :)

  4. You are so beautiful! I have a hat like that, but I rarely have the courage to walk the polish streets :p
    You have the perfect facial features and proportions! Dream model for photographing and drawing!
    P.S. Well done to the photographer!

  5. Absolutely high and beautiful style,Idda!!!

    You looks so awesome in all outfits:)))*
    Just one of the most beautiful faces for today!

  6. Unfortunatelly, I don't own any cloche hats ;/... But that will change soon I think ;D! Your photos are a great inspiration for me and, as long as I am a history reenactor (WWI, polish-bolshevik war of 1920, WWII) I really enjoy reading the history of the fashion - You write it so nicely it is a real pleasure to read ;)!
    As for the Twenties - well, for Poland it was quite a hard time. The thing I love this period for is the fact, that in Poland women got the right to wote (1919) and could join the army as volunteers in the Womens' Volunteer Legion from 1918 till 1922 :). Times were hard, poverty was enormous but finally the country was free - it was something unbelievable :D.

    Sorry for the looong comment ^^".

  7. Adore cloche hats, I have one. You look amazing like always!

  8. So beautiful pictures... You look so beautiful in this 20er Style!!!

  9. Oooh my god, I just stumbled upon your blog by accident and it's sooo perfect! I love the era's your inspired by and I get inspired by them as well. Your so gorgeous! If only I was a pro at vintage make-up, like you are. Wonderful! I'm following now!


    Red Sonja

  10. very inspiring :) the 20's style is fantastic,so chic and classy

  11. I love cloche hats too. I am not much of a hat person yet I own three cloche hats. My favorite thing about them is their shape looks good on anyone.

  12. OOH I LOVE IT! The inspiration and the hats, such style and elegance <3

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  14. Lovely photos, both, the oldschool ones and those modern ones of yours. I would like people to wear hats more, don´t you agree? <3

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