nedjelja, 8. lipnja 2014.

Miss L Fire: Rockerfeller Gold

Miss L Fire was launched in 2005 by our founder and designer, Lynsey Hand, and has been going strong since its first season. Miss L Fire footwear reflects a love for all things glamorous, with a particular leaning towards the 'Golden Era' of glamour, 1940's & 50's Hollywood. However, Miss L Fire is by no means a 'retro' collection and simply continues to focus on making the wearer feel fabulous.

UK & rest of the world:
US & Canada:

This glitter vinyl and diamante sandal with fruit detailing looks good enough to eat! The vinyl is actually glittered like a vintage glitter lucite brooch.
Available in two colours.

With a pair of women’s shoes by Miss L Fire you don’t need to worry about your outfit; Miss L Fire shoes are the final touch of every stylish appearance.

When I saw these sandals, my heart skipped a beat. A Vintage fairy tale dream come true!

I'm wearing my favorite vintage 1950's lemon dress with a big bow on the back. The gloves are also vintage.
Fascinator made by my friend Carolina - Jazzafine Pieces full of verve.

Photos by my friend Maja Topčagić - Angelica Photography

Hair and makeup by me

Location Bihać Bosnia and Hercegovina

Have you ever seen heels like these? Feel like a princess wearing Miss L Fire shoes.

I'm recently obsessed with lucite heels, but it was hard to find an affordable pair. It was really the love at first sight when I saw Rockerfeller Gold by Miss L Fire... shoe perfection and they're super comfy! 


Idda van Munster

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  1. Adorable! You look sooo beautiful! Perfect pictures, perfect you!

  2. The lucite heel! The crystal clear upper! *swoon* These shoes and your dress are simply divine, an breath-taking combination that is simply the last word in elegance. So much inspiration from this outfit. Lovely. ♡
    bonita of Lavender & Twill

  3. Oooh doll, these have to be my favourite pictures of you so far, this dress and the shoes are a dream!! You look so wonderful, adore it all <333 xx

  4. Grace and chic! YOU ARE SOOOO BEAUTIFUL!!! Your pictures and your outfits are breathtaking!

  5. Gorgeous photos, you styled the shoes perfectly!

  6. Aida,
    Nema potrebe da pišem kako izgledaš fenomenalno, zar ne? :)
    Haljina je prelepa, sviđa mi se elegantan detalj u vidu mašne, a cipele su perfektne.. imaju dozu Karmen Mirande u sebi...


  7. Ooh one of my fave series of you.
    I just adore these shoes they have such good heel shape !
    Make up and hair are so great and standing in front of that bushy corridor makes you look like Snow White entering the Dwarves home!
    Haha :)

    Love from Paris,