subota, 7. travnja 2012.

One swallow doesn't make a spring.

"True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings"
~ William Shakespeare

I feel like it's been forever since I blogged. It has been a very hard week for me, but it has also been filled with great love and many miracles. Spring is in the air and with that comes all the pretty flowers along with being able to hear the birds sing. It is a beautiful time of the year. I hope everyone is doing well.

A pin up girl has clean skin. I’m not just talking about washing with soap and water but clear of any tattoos.  True pin-ups from the 40’s and 50’s were not tattooed. They were the girl next-door image. We have changed a little bit from then. What is hotter than hot now is rockabilly girls with anchors and cherry tattoos and a swallow mixed in there some where as well.
I can't imagine me ever getting a tattoo (the worst thing in the world is a pretty girl getting a tattoo and ending up looking trashy), but I love the symbols: anchors, cherrys or swallows as vintage inspired broches.

My boyfriend bought me this sweet gift last year. Gorgeous vintage-silver metal swallow brooch. The tattoo-style swallow has been silver-plated and then given a matte antique finish which enhances the details. The textured bird has one wing tucked in and one wing spread. The brooch has a metal brooch pin secured to the back.

My boyfriend bought me this sweet gift last year.
I am wearing blue, blue, blue the color of the sky.
Adore swallows.
Something else about this birds. Superstion runs with everything and the sailors from the 40′s and 50′s believed that (and probably still do) since these little birds can’t fly long distances that when they saw one of these they figured land was near and they would soon arrive home safely. I just think this vintage postcard is pretty and love the flowers incorporated in. I always thought that two swallows seen paired together symbolized freedom.

Adorable Vintage blue polka dot shirt. Swallow brooch and a white flower.
Swallow souvenir from Germany.

From last Saturday my mom is in Germany. She stays with her sister (my aunt) for about 2 months.
It's very difficult for me, because I have a lot of to do at home after my lectures at the university.

At the airport. Mom is flying to Stuttgart.
My everday starts with: sitting alone in the morning and having my cup of NESCAFÉ.
Magical moments with my darling.
Waiting for mom on skype.
I'm so so happy!

Today I received a call from my lovely aunt (and finally I talked with my mom for hours on the phone). She bought me a gift and guess what!?

The first perfume by "the Queen of Burlesque" - Dita von Teese.

First of all: The bottle is beautiful. Love the black glass bottle with the black cord. Dita wanted it to represent the glamorous 30's. The fragrance itself smells very glamorous, mystical and beautiful.

Her new perfume is just like she is as a woman: glamorous and mysterious, self-confident and seductive. Dita Von Teese created a scent for the type of woman that she embodies like no other: the Femme Totale. She is a vamp and an innocent beauty, provocative and unattainable at the same time. She knows what she wants, and how she will get it – with style, class, and elegance. The elegant upright bottle features a ball atomizer as the perfect finishing touch to its seductive silhouette. The extraordinary perfume amphora fits perfectly in one’s hand, and is the ultimate accessory for the Femme Totale’s evening bag. Completely burlesque, full of glamour, and every bit Dita Von Teese – the neck of every bottle is adorned with a silk cord with a nail polish-red pearl, which flows into a long black silk tassel.

Thank you aunt, thanks mom!

Happy Easter!

With love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. Stuttgart is very beautiful. I am living here, your mother can do a lot sight seeing!
    Best wishes

  2. Danke dir meine liebe Lili! Ich hoffe sie findet ein paar vintage laden um mir etwas susses zu kaufen.

  3. you are amazing ^^, i follow you :D

  4. Какие прекрасные глаза!!!!

  5. Una hirundo non facit ver :). I adore swallows and adore your blouse :).

    Immortality Passion

  6. Beautiful blouse, you look lovely!

    Naravno da pratim i ja tebe i bas sam u cudu kakav sam blog nasla.
    Sve mi je prekrasno!!

  7. love this post your so pretty and the blue blouse is so pretty

  8. You are such a beauty! What a wondeful post. Swallows are my favourite birds. I love the luck and superstiion surrounding them and they are such a romantic breed as they mate for life. I collect anything with swallows on ( i'll do a post soon so you can see) and i have a pair tattooed on my feet. Loving your swallow collection, this post made my day. xx

  9. thank you idda for your lovely comment on my blog I was absolutely thrilled that you got back to me, you are very kind as well as stunning. Im still trying to work out this blogging business. I was showing my sister your blog and she was like oh my god how beautiful. You do look like gene tierney she was so gorgeous in Laura have you seen it, its fab, I must try ditas perfume i need a new one, dont think its in ireland yet though, love all your posts they are so insightful as well as glamourous good on you. Anyway thanks again, i hope ur having better weather over there total nightmare here, lots of love and kisses from ur new friend in dublin leonie xxxxx

  10. UR unbelivably pretty :) and super stylish! I'm so glad I've found your blog today :)

  11. Just found out about you. I think you're a very pretty woman, and I found you to be inspirational. That is, until the comment about the tattoos. It's crazy to think that just because a woman has tattoos that she's trashy.

  12. Live the present, love the past and hope for a better future. This retro style I'm sure will be very trendy in 30 years from now.

    Nu doar alimentatia este importanta pentru un copil, ci si felul in care ne petrecem timpul cu el. Fie ca alegem sa-i cumparam jucarii cadou sau doar sa iesim la o plimbare prin parc, important este sa consumam un timp de calitate impreuna.

  13. You are beautiful. Dita von Teese go home :-)