petak, 25. svibnja 2012.

From dawn till dusk.

“I would just never appear
in public
without looking like Dovima,
who was to me an image of myself.”

Hy dear readers,

I know. I KNOW. I KNOW!!!
I've been silent on here for a few weeks. I promise, it is not without reason, though!
It doesn't matter how much time you have in the day, it never seems to be enough...So much to do, so little time.

Let the photos do the talking this time. A new collection of photos. Photos taken by the lovely and talented Bosnian photographer Nina! Check out her wonderful work at facebook page Nina Mašić -Through the Lens

My inspiration, always - is Dovima, the famed model from the 1950s, I'm sure you know her from the famous picture of her with the elephants... She was one of the most beautiful women that I have ever seen. Not because she looked like a real woman, but because she was the very same incarnation, the epitome of how the most elegant and sophisticated woman would look if she could be real. The way she carried every single piece of clothes, make-up, hats and gloves. I remember seen her in the film "Funny Face" in the bookstore sequence with Audrey Hepburn, another elegant and beautiful woman, Miss Hepburn looked as if she were the mortal and Dovima the immortal Goddess of beauty, elegance and femininity. I think that I can’t say more than that.

Audrey and Dovima

Here are my photos:

Make-up and hair by me. Some of this clothes bought in vintage shop in Germany, the black nightdress in the last few photos is a gift from my hubby also bought in a vintage shop and the perfume is Dita von Teese perfume.  
Accessories and jewelry vintage from Germany. 
The incredible 1950s Doctor's bag is a gift from my lovely auntie. The doctor’s bag is based on the look and structure of the bag often carried by doctors in the 1950s.
The black jacket is original C.Dior from the fifties.

I want to ask you something:
Why is porcelain skin considered ugly, and people are opting for tanned skin?

I have really pale skin, and I think it's beautiful. (FAKE) Tan skin is ugly and dirty looking in my opinion.. I have never gone tanning and never will. Since the middle ages, pale skin has been associated with the aristocracy.
I think people should just be natural. They'll get skin cancer and wrinkles and lots of the time, the tan doesn't go with the person's hair or facial structure.
My skin is going to look great when i'm older, not leathery...

...and in the end I want to add something else for those who follow me secretly:
I think I'll never understand why people can not just be happy for others that are successful or in love. Its called being a human! I'm sorry for people being full of hate and jealousy. Just mind your own business. Its not that I care what some dickheads think, its more that I don't get it and never will get why some feel good by talking bad about others constantly. If thats the only way you get pleasure in life then I'm very sorry for you!

Hope you enjoyed.

With love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. Divna si na slikama. Inace su mi Ninine fotografije predivne!

  2. perfect!
    you look so so beautiful my dear! :)

  3. Bože, koje predivne slike! Ne mogu ih se nagledati! Ne, ovo je apsolutno savršeno!
    Baš potpuno utjelovljenje vintagea!
    Savršeno <3

    (btw, baci pogled na naš zadnji post, pršti od vintage odjeće :))

  4. Kakve fotografije,kakva sminka,wow!!!<3

  5. Imaš prelijepu kožu! Nikad nisam razumijela pomamu za solarijem i pretjeranim sunčanjem. Nema mi ljepšeg od porculanskog tena, a tvoj je tako savršen!

  6. Wow. There really are no other words. You honestly, are one of the most beautiful bloggers out there. I personally can't believe you're not on the cover of some magazine. Anyway, another brilliant post! x

  7. Your clothing is just exquisite. I aspire to own a wardrobe like yours!

  8. mal wieder super shöne fotos da könnte man neidisch werden :>

  9. Nina nikad nije imala ljepši model i bolje fotografije. I slažem se za kožu. To je jedan jako štetan trend kojem nisam nikad podlegla i sama sam naučila da volim svoju bijelu kožu i par pjegica. I nema mi ništa neprirodnije nego kad je neko tako "osunčan" u sred zime.

  10. Great pictures and great clothing. :)

  11. Pale skin is for me the most beautiful thing, but sadly I am (mostly) surrounded by sun-worshipping people. Your pictures are stunning, I can definitely see the Dovima resemblance! :) I can't decide on a favourite but I have to say your black lace dress in the last picture is just perfect!

  12. so wonderful ;-) - the last picture is very pretty

  13. prvi put sam na tvom blogu,ali sam citala o tebi na drugim mjestima...zaista si predivna i mnooogo mi se svidja kako nosis taj stil... odusevljena sam svakom fotkom i svakim komadom koji je na tebi (i oko tebe,okuzenja su predivna)...svaka cast na tome sto si vjerna vintage fazonu i ni u jednom momentu ne odustajes...pozdrav iz tuzle

  14. Hi!
    I´m a fan from Portugal. I think you are so so beautiful!
    I agree with you about the skin. I too agree that porcelain skin is so much beautiful! But here where I live it is a very very sunny place, so all summers I get a bit tanned. Specially my left arm, because I drive my car a lot... :p
    I love your last pic, love your hair there.. :)

  15. Imam jako svijetlu kozu kao i ti i obozavam je. Ali dok sam bila mala uvijek su mi svi govorili zasto se ne suncam, a ja sam onako sramezljivo mami govorila, reci im da necu da budem crna. A danas me ljudi pitaju, zasto sam tako blijeda, da nisam slucajno bolesna. Ljudima nikako ugoditi, niti se trudim. Obozavam svoju aristokratsko bijelu kozu i njegujem je :).

    PS Ovo su mi najljepse fotografije koje si uradila, svaka cast na inspiraciji, obozavam Dovimu :)

    Immortality Passion

  16. Amazing pictures, you really brought the spirit of Dovima, you look like a woman from 50s, great job!
    I really dont understand either how come people can think porcelain skin is not beautiful. In the past tanned skin was considered as ugly, because only poor people who had to work physically outdoors were tanned. I am pale as well and I use strong sunscreen every day, even in winter, I love to be pale and it makes me laugh when some people dare to make comments i should get some sun, like they think they can insult me like that, lol! Ive chosen to be as white as I can, so its obvious Im proud of that, not ashamed, but those who love tanning will never understand that I guess.

  17. Stunning as always.

    I love it to scroll through your blog and watch all these amazing pictures.

    You`re so right about tanning. I`m pale too. When i was younger i went every couple of days to a studio and tanned myself but i prefer to be pale and think it suits me perfectly and it goes even better with red lipstick :)

  18. My dear girl, these pictures take my breath away. You are lovely in every sense of the word.

    All my love/

  19. my god you are just so beautiful aida,i love love love the photos you are just so feminine and stylish in them, i totally agree with you about dovima she was the epitome of grace and class, i love that sequence in funny face too, great film, you have amazing porcelain skin, i would love nice pale skin but unfortunately i have the irish skin, i dont know if your familiar with the saying 'corn beef skin' we use it here ,its a mixture of red and white which is awful and thats what i have so i use fake tan just to give myself a healthy look, i never sit in the sun and huge a good sunscreen it is so aging i agree, hope your having a good weekend aida lots of love to you xxxx leonie

  20. Thank you so much!
    Thank you dear readers! Glad you like it!
    I'm honored!

    All my love to you,
    Idda xx

  21. Love These Pictures! :) I agree, I think pale skin is beautiful! Also, i remember from a previous post that you wear false lashes. Would you mind telling us what kind? Or maybe even do a post on how you apply them?

  22. Svaki dan me sve više i više zapanjuješ ljepotom! :)

  23. Hi Idda! I'm a big fan of yours and follow you on Bloglovin'. I think you're one of the most beautiful bloggers on the internet and I really admire your style! Your porcelain complexion is absolutely lovely...but is it true that you think tan skin is ugly and dirty? I was born with tan skin because of my ethnicity and I'd hate to think that there are those who would regard me in such a negative light because I'm not white. :(

    1. Darling, nooooo, I just think that FAKE tan skin is ugly - you know what I mean.
      Thank you so much! Love your work too!

      All my love,

    2. Ah...thanks for clarifying! I see what you mean now. :D

  24. Meni je mnogo ljepši porculanski ten, odnosno prirodni ten.
    Solarij ne volim, a ni sunce u većim količinama nije zdravo za kožu.

    Ti si najljepša žena :)
    Imaš divne crte lica i tako svježu kožu.

    Slike su fantastične, kao i uvijek.

  25. Predivno! Slike su fenomenalne. :)

  26. Oh my goodness you are so pretty! I love the vintage wardrobe too!

    A | V // vintage blog

  27. Prelijepe fotografije,a posebno mi se sviđa ova treća slika,i ti i pozadina ma sve je savršeno. :))

  28. Hi,
    I'm a fan from the Netherlands,
    And I'm not that into the vintage style as all your other followers (not that I don't like it, I do! But it's not really my thing) and the reason why I follow you is because you've got great opinions about simply everything. You're just yourself, and I really admire that!

  29. Meni je dah stao kad sam vidjela ove fotke kod Nine na stranici, savršenstvo! pregledala sam ih najmanje 15 puta! i potpuno se slažem sa ovim što si napisala na kraju posta, strašan mi je onaj narandžasti ten koji djevojke ganjaju, kako neprirodno! a za ovo drugo se pogotovo slažem, ja sam skoro morala uključiti moderaciju na komentarima zbog takvih, svaki put se iznenadim kako ljudi znaju biti pakosni i ljubomorni.

  30. Ja sto sam ja uzivala gledajuci ove slike.
    Jako mi se svidja, ne znam koja mi je lepsa.
    Nosis najsavrseniji kostim na svetu, toliko si zenstvena i nestvarna kao iz nekog nemog filma.Tako mi izgleda ovaj post, a tako te i dozivljavam.
    Sve pohvale i uzivaj u svemu sto volis.
    Ja isto volim beo ten i koristim samo bebi puder za lice da izgledam jos belje.
    Nikakav drugi puder ne dolazi u obzir kod mene.Jos imama masnu kozu, pa mi bebi puder odlicno odgovara.

  31. I hate tanned skin, of course fake tanned, not natural. Pale skins are very sensitive and elegant! I am very pale and live in region where most people have light complexion, so many of them want to be tanned. And you know, it looks very arificial and ugly, not as they think.
    And when I was younger people used to laugh at me, because in their opinion I'm ugly with my pale skin. However, some of them are still encourage me to get tanned. :D

    Also, I agree with you, what you said about hate. But it doesn't need a comment, those people will always poison environment and they will never be enjoy of life.

    Best regards, Kate

  32. Well I think you are truly beautiful. and I agree with all you said about the fake tanning (and real). I too never expose myself much to the sun as I burn too easy. So at 43 I have no wrinkles and clean skin and many people are shocked that i am this age thinking that I am in my early 30s. While my younger sister who tans looks 10 years older.