utorak, 17. srpnja 2012.

Classic Cocktails for Those Warm Summer Nights

"For me, Cointreau is a quintessentially French brand, a product which transcends fashions and trends. I love its delicate taste contrasting with its strong personality." ~ Dita von Teese

Classic cocktails (1930)
The vintage-inspired cocktails are truly out of this world - Old fashioned, but modern, with a big twist of adventure. Cocktail recipes that have kept their style and those with enduring popularity are referred to as classic cocktails. Cointreau is known and recognised as being at the heart of some of the world’s greatest classic cocktails, including the Margarita, which was created in 1948 in Acapulco.  Cointreau is also the key ingredient of the famous Cosmopolitan,  created in New York in 1991.
Everything is prepared with the precision of a chemist, and you get the sense that they take pride in what they make. These cocktails are something to be admired.

When you walk through a lane with alcohol in the supermarket you sometimes find a bottle you do not know. Cointreau can be one of such a bottles because it is not very often drunk pure. However you probably know Cointreau from cocktails like margarita, cosmopolitan or sidecar. Cointreau is a liqueur made from alcohol extract of dried orange peel and this kind of spirit is referred as triple sec.

I love cocktails and I love Cointreau because it’s the key ingredient in my favorite cocktail, the Cosmopolitan.
Elegant, cold, sweet and beautiful.

I'm wearing my favorite floral vintage dresses.

Warm summer nights out with my friends. The moments when the works day is done, the sun is setting and all you have left to do is enjoy.

I love summer nights even more than days! They are so special and romantic!

With love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. amazing blog and a lovely post.
    bottoms up!

  2. You are absolutely amazing,Ida:-)))*

    Beautiful lady!!!

    Gorgeous post,thank you so much for share it,


  3. Cointreau is the best liquor on the market. I actually did my Master's program admissions portfolio on the brand. I got in! You look wonderful as usual. Utter perfection.