subota, 11. kolovoza 2012.

A Week In Photos.

Dear readers,

here is my week in - photos (taken with my mobile phone cam). Enjoy!
Waiting for the bus.
Watched the sunset. Always fascinated by happenings in the sky!

Feeling better after a stupid summer cold.

Had a photoshooting wearing traditional Bosnian clothes/dresses. It was amazing!

Romantic streets.

Just bought this polka dot 1940s dress and I'm wearing it right now.

Enjoyed every piece of this...

On the couch - eating blackberries & watching football on TV with my boyfriend.

Finished violet-blue hair flowers to match my new vintage dress!

1930s jewelry stand and mirror.

I'm on the cover of AZRA magazine - interview inside.

Chinese green tea with the additional flavor and aroma of jasmine flower petals.

Love my striped cardigan adorned with oh-so-feminine ruffled shoulders.

Bringing back the old. I love blue vintage bags.

Bought a wonderful vintage cocktail/fascinator hat.

Wish you a wonderful weekend.

As always with love,

Idda van Munster

Broj komentara: 5:

  1. odlične fotke! posebo mi se sviđaju tvoji nokti... kako postižeš takav izgled?

  2. This antique shop is great. I like your new hat and hair :)

  3. Beautiful photos, love the ruffled cardigan. What eyeliner do you use? Yours look perfect, mines smudges after an hour! xx

  4. Gdje nalaziš takve krasne stvari? :)

    Mrak izgledaš, kao i inače. :)

  5. Your striped cardigan and those blue purses are all so divine.