nedjelja, 7. listopada 2012.

Autumn days. One day - two outfits.

Hello dear readers! 

It's a while since I've been here and it's really lovely to be back again. I honestly and truly dislike being such an erratic blogger but hopefully I'll get myself organised and be much more consistent with the posts. Sorry, I'm always so busy...

The weather has changed dramatically since my last post and autumn is really settling in.
Yesterday, I smell summer and autumn at the same time and I realized I definitely love the fall the same as the summer, but in a different way - so you can wear two outfits in one day.

Isn't autumn special?

I love how it's still warm enough to go out without an overcoat but not really warm enough for just a sweater. I love the hazy mornings and the feel of the sun on my face. The autumn sun feels very different from the summer sun. It's gentler somehow and calmer.

Today post is a little special, I decided to add two outfits I wore in one day, the first one is what I wore for a day walk: red rose 1950's Dovima dress with an elastic vintage belt - white 1930's T-strap shoes, white leather vintage bag and black 1950's hat.
The second outfit was for to visited and walk the city when it was a little colder outside.
I love the feeling of cosy evenings, warm coats and scarves, cooler days and changing leaves.  I think it might just be my favourite time of the year.
I wore a 1940's maroon pencil skirt - vintage black T-strap shoes  - Doctor bag and a warm black sweater with a pearl brooch on it.

I've done my nails again - half moon manicure with silver base  and maroon metallic color.

I love autumn, we are surrounded by woodland so the walks at this time of year are lovely.

With love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. Fabulous! Just out of the pages of Vogue:) Will you share with us what kind of lipstick you use?

  2. Beautiful RETRO.............!!!

    I like your new vintage look,Ida;-)))*


  3. Beautiful outfits.. The dress is gorgeous, but i think the skirt wins the day!

    Enjoy the autmn colours..
    London is slowly turning from green to beautiful browns, goldens and reds.


  4. WONDERFUL WONDERFULLLL!!! I love the autumn photos and your outfits. Just stunning! <3 <3 I hope you are well darling!

  5. Wow, these outfits are great! Your nails look so cool and your makeup is gorgeous as usual :)

    Guide to Pin-Up Style & Makeup

  6. I love your Outfits and your style and your blog is great and informational...just wonderful :-)

  7. Your outfits are breathtaking. I know it has been said before but it should be said again, you truly epitomize glamour and vintage style.

  8. Koji ti je mobitel? Slike su kao i uvek, prelepe! Zato pitam :)

  9. love the first dress so much ... so gorgeous.