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A big portfolio update.

Dear readers,

It has been a long time since my last blog post, as I have been very busy with many projects and with studying and preparing for exams.

New work to share! A big portfolio update today - I've added lots of new work to my site: Idda van Munster Facebook Fan Page.

I will be modeling for a really BIG company. Shhh I didn't say anything! Will let you know more soon... HAPPY!
I'm so excited!
It’s so wonderful how exciting life is and how much energy you get when you always have something interesting to look forward to!
Lots of GOOD things happening lately - I feel 2013 will be a super productive and successful year:

1.) From now on I'm in a partnership with SIGMA BEAUTY! It's a global store, specializing in makeup: shadow palettes, brushes kits and skin care!
Visit us online at:

Have you ordered from Sigma Beauty? 

I love the products and will write reviews about them soon! Stay tuned!

2.) I'm the new model for Glitter Paradise (I absolutely fell in love with their creations and jewellery) alongside Bernie DexterAcid Doll, Angie Alamilla, Rockwell Raquel, La Cholita and so many more great ladies! They created something special just for me!!! I will be modelling (and blogging) for Sweet Pins too - an online boutique that specialises in luxury stockings and vintage inspired lingerie from Australia ...and can't wait to be Sarah Troester Photography's model ❤

3.) Booked my flight to Germany: here I come in May ✈

Well I never tought of being a model, cause I didn't tought I had what it takes, but when I started wearing vintage I did shoots because I had ideas I wanted to produce. I do my own makeup and hair styles in all my photosessions! I actually prefer it as I know what looks work best for me! I've always had a passion for makeup and painting. My mother will say I started when I was a child – my first contact with colors and paper. I've always had a fascination with faces, and ripping apart her Vogue and Bazaar magazines when I was six probably didn't help either! Just the idea of creating beauty....has always fascinated me. To me, there's something that feels so good about putting on nice clothes, doing my hair, and putting on makeup - I feel pretty and confident when I get dressed up.
I think there's something special to be found in every day, and for me that's enough of an excuse to bring on the glamour!
Getting ready for my photoshoot. Stay tuned for photos.
© Angelica Photography

I don't like doing my hair, makeup and dressing up, I LOVE doing all those and more! I usually start rolling my hair in curlers after washing it in the morning or I do it before I go to sleep the night before (so I'm ready in the morning), usually tying a scarf to cover and contain the rollers. My makeup is fairly simple, lightly lining my eyebrows and putting black eyeliner. Some lipstick completes my makeup regime and of course a rose/peach blush.
  I just love being as feminine as possible and presenting myself to the world as a woman when the opportunity arises.
I do it because I'm a woman and I can. Looking glamorous/pretty/sexy/dressed up excites me and makes me feel more feminine, more like a woman, if that's possible. I consider it a privilege and a reward of being a woman. Look what I get to wear because I'm a woman! If you look at it from that perspective, you can't help but love it and have fun.

I wanted to show you some of the most recent images I have added to my portfolio:

I always enjoy working with my talented friend © Angelica Photography

"Memories. Nostalgic."
"You're my cup of tea"
"Thinking of you"

"Street style 1"
"Street style 2"
I was photographed by Elman Omic | All Rights Reserved © 2013
I really like his work!
"Perfumed with Chloé Love Intense"

I love love love to work with my friend Safet Hadzimusic Photography | All Rights Reserved © 2013
Here are the final photos we have done for a furniture company.

It's always a pleasure for me to work with MMS Studio.http://www.mms-studio.com.ba/© MMS Studio

Photo project © Andy from Germany

I have done a photoshoot wearing traditional Bosnian clothes.
Photo: Damir Ibrisimovic | All Rights Reserved © 2013

...and again amazing work with Safet Hadzimusic Photography | All Rights Reserved © 2013

Let me know which one shoot is your favorite one?


Idda van Munster

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  1. Love all these new photos of you! You photograph so well and it always looks completely effortless.

  2. Amazing photos! Each time i saw your photos i fell in love with your style. And it's the first time I can say than I admire someone for its beauty but also for personality personality and charisma. You are so...perfect! What I want to be in a few years. Not an empty doll as many other pin up models I found before.

    The header one! Is so beautiful! And it's the kind of photo than create a whole story: a young lady enloved reading a letter of her soldier. Who is he? What is he telling? Is he fighting in the WWII?

  3. Just...WOW. The pictures are really great.
    You are so beautiful. Just stunning :)

  4. You are stunning, love the make up and your style. I also love the photography, some amazing photo's you have here x

  5. Idda,dear.....???

    Enchanted beautiful looks create you together with photograph andmake up styling! Just fantatstic work:-)))*

    I do adore the black-white photo of you here really much,it's perfect!

    Wish you great week,

    Hugs from Amsterdam,

  6. My god! The shoot with traditional Bosnian clothes is beautiful! I've been checking your blog for a while and even though there are only two photos I must say it's my favourite!
    You're such a classy and beautiful woman, I'm really happy 2013 is being a good year for you! xxx

  7. Congratulations!! I'm so excited for you!! You deserve all the happiness and success coming your direction!!
    Every picture is my favorite!!!
    Best wishes!

  8. Beautiful images and a big congratulations on your new modelling partnerships. xx Fran

  9. Such gorgeous pictures! You always look just perfect. When will you be in Germany? I'll be there in May as well- perhaps we'll cross ways!

  10. Simply GORGEOUS!!!!!! You are a true beauty! :)



  11. You look absolutely lovely! How do you do that side swirl? Can you do a post on it? I've been trying to do it for a very long time but I always fail and I want to make this so bad! Should i let my bangs grow out first? x


  12. You have been busy lovely! Love the new pictures and look forward to hearing about your venture :)

    Much Love


  13. Love your pictures! Would love to see a tutorial about how you do your hair.

  14. Your male neighbours probably bang into a lot of sign posts or lanterns whenever they see you. I am a woman and I can't take my eyes of your pics. :-)