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Sigma Beauty

Hello dear readers,

It was definitely shocked when I checked my email almost two months ago and hello there, an email from Sigma Beauty was waiting to be opened! I have been wanting to get my very own Sigma products. It has been my dream since the time I got into makeups - and yes, DREAMS DO COME TRUE! I finally have my own Sigma brushes. 
I was contacted by the lovely Vincy at Sigma to see if I was interested in joining the Sigma Affiliate program, and of course I said yes! I'm in a partnership with Sigma Beauty (also known as Sigma) an international cosmetics company, selling brushes, makeup, skin care and accessories. Big thanks to Vincy and Jennifer from the Sigma Team! As a welcome gift, they sent me a lovely gift - if you'd like to read about my thoughts on it then please do continue reading.

I have recently joined the Sigma affiliates and would really appreciate you all going to their page and checking out all of their fabulous stuff.

I'm the new affiliate spotlight for the month March:

Have you ordered from Sigma Beauty?
It's not available locally, but you can buy this from the Sigma Beauty website. They ship world wide.
They have lots of great quality and affordable items for anyone from the amateur makeup enthusiast to the professional with an expansive kit. 

I have the "Make Me Classy" Sigma Travel kit:

The Make Me Classy Travel Kit was specially designed for a fun yet functional makeup application. This kit contains seven travel-size brushes from our best-selling Essential Kit. The brushes come in an innovative and functional container that turns into two brush holders to keep you stylish and organized on the go.

Brushes Included:

E30 - Pencil: Soften and smoke out lines. Soften pencil liners along the top and bottom lash lines, add shadow to line the eyes or use to highlight inner corner of eyes.
E40 - Tapered Blending: Soft blended crease. Using just the tips to apply color, sweep back and forth through the crease for a diffused and blended finish.
E55 - Eye Shading: Even application of color. Place color across the whole lid for an even and strong application of product.
E65 - Small Angle: Create precise lining. Moves fluidly and easily across the upper and lower lash lines. Use with gel, cream or powder liners.
F30 - Large Powder: Even powder application. Uniform blending of powder products onto the face and body.
F40 - Large Angled Contour: Subtle cheek application. Use the angle to softly contour the cheekbone. Can also be used to apply blush.
F60 - Foundation: Smooth foundation application. Apply liquid or cream products such as foundation and primer.

© 2012 Sigma Enterprises, LLC

     The Sigma Beauty Eye Shadow Bases are made with a blendable, smooth formula to achieve a long-wearing and pigmented effect. Each base is designed to reduce surface oil with its water-resistant, silky-smooth and light-weight formula. Each eye shadow base features an exclusive anti- drying protectant lid.

      Persuade - Matte Nude

      Net Wt. 0.18oz./5g
© 2012 Sigma Enterprises, LLC

This is the only eyeshadow base that keeps my eyelids from getting oily during the day. I have tried Mac paint pot and it doesn't work on me at all. My eyeshadows would crease before noon! This actually kept my eyelids matt for most part of the day.
The texture is very lightweight and upon application, my lids feels dry and matt and does not feel silky/silicony. It gives my eyeshadow a just applied look all day.
I would repurchase this forever, its really hard for me to find something that works.

It looks perfect for a natural eye look. One the photo nr. 1 I have no make-up on - you can see the difference after putting Sigma eyeshadow base on the photo nr. 2 and nr. 3.

Have you tried the Sigma products? Let me know what do you think about them.

With love,
Idda van Munster

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  1. I love Sigma brushes,they are affordable but of great quality. I would definitely recommend getting the F80 Flat Top Synthetic Kabuki, you can really buff in the foundation with it, and I can notice a difference when I apply foundation with it, my face really looks flawless. And of course, congrats on becoming an affiliate :D

  2. Enjoy your goodies:) The base is simply amazing! Do check out my post on the F82 :) xx

  3. I've always wanted to try Sigma brushes as I've read good things about them - the eyeshadow base looks flawless!


  4. Sigma je OK (dobre četkice), ali ti si mi uvijek mrak!

  5. Cestitam na kooperaciji sa Sigmom, bas je super marka! Zelim ti od srca sve naj naj bolje. Mnogo si ljepa i volim tvoj blog! Ljep pozdrav iz Austrije...Aida ;)

  6. Love your welcome gift from Sigma! Can't wait for my welcome gift too!


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