utorak, 5. studenoga 2013.

Metaphysika Irregular Choice: Combi and Hook Line & Sinker

Hello dear readers,

As soon as I saw these shoes I fell in love. The shoes are soooo amazing, unique, colourful and I want them all!

They're called Irregular Choice because they are just that - irregular. The designers for this place must just have a field day as every shoe is so creative and fun. Everyone shoe-lover should have at least one pair of Irregular Choice shoes in their collection.

What more can I say about IC shoes they are outstanding value for money, always go with anything you wear and are surprisingly comfortable.

Very pretty shoes and I get a lot of compliments on them.

If you live in Bosnia - you can shop in the store called Metaphysika Sarajevo. I always enjoy visiting that wonderful place. It's a little shoe heaven.

For this post I have choosen to show you the Combi shoes in royal blue color.

The are so elegant and comfortable.

My first IC shoes were these - but I have the red ones.
In my next post you will see me wearing Combi red.

The second pair of Irregular Choice shoes choosen for this blogpost are
Hook Line and Sinker in green.

Perfect shoes for autumn days.
Just like Birds of a Feather. These cute shooties are mid heel height, with an oversized bow and cut out front.

Photos by Angelica Photography / Maja Topčagić

Do you like Irregular Choice?

Lots of love and thanks for reading,

Idda van Munster

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  1. Wow those shoes are just amazing!!! Absolutely stunning photos too!

  2. Usually I only wear original '30s or '40s footwear, but these IC shoes are simply little pieces of art and there might be a big chance that I make an exception on buying a modern pair!

    Divine photos, Idda, and you look impeccable, as always, too!

  3. Idda! Привет из России!Не смогла пройти мимо таких замечательных фото!Очарована вашей красотой и восхищаюсь работой стилистов! Интернет переполнен худыми моделями в невообразимых нарядах,а здесь Вы-такая прекрасная и утончённая в ретро-стиле.Спасибо вашей команде за фотосессию в вашем любимом кафе.Это супер!! Обязательно поделюсь с подругами и буду следить за вашими успехами.Удачи вам и вашим близким.

  4. These are gorgeous doll, love the green pair!! They suit you perfectly. Irregular Choice create dream shoes :) x

  5. Irregular Choice always have the most beautiful shoes! You look incredible as per usual, and the shoes look fabulous on you! xx

  6. Oh my word, I love this look! You look absolutely gorgeous & that skirt is divine.