srijeda, 12. veljače 2014.

Let’s celebrate love and friendship every day!

Valentine's Day is just another day to celebrate love. Love comes in many forms, shapes, and opportunities 365 days a year, 24/7. The red hearts make us feel like love and happiness is all around, but Valentine's Day should be every day! Every day you should show your love and appreciation for each other in some way. An extra-long hug, a cup of tea/coffee, a smile, a phone call to say "I love you"… the list is endless. These little things go a long way and usually make your heart smile. That's how you keep romance alive. And, you should wear more than often the color of love: RED! Red is the colour of a heart & also roses - it signifies warmth & love. Throughout history, red has been the color of passion and romance. Red lips and blushed cheeks stimulate admiration and arousal. A red dress attracts attention and captures the imagination. 

I'm personally wearing very often red: earrings, dresses, cardigans, lipsticks, my nails are usually red and I love to add an interesting RED hat/fascinator to the whole outfit.

For the first outfit I decided to wear the Hearted-Cherry Fascinator by Jazzafine Pieces Full of Verve from Germany.

Hairstyle/Make-up by me

Yummy! And opulent ... A heart-shaped hat with love Allerlei: cherries, various springs in leaf green and poppy red, a double velvet bow from orig. Velvet ribbon from the 1960's.
A Fascinator, which could be premiered on Valentine's Day, but this reminds you every day or for other special occasions at one of the finest and most important things in life ...

The next one headpiece is called: Chapeaulina!

The names of the ChapeauLinas are the songs of Billie Holiday. And this here is "big stuff": Pure passion - Night Black and Burgundy Red. A lush fabric rose with a freshwater pearl in the middle, with elegant fine feathers. 
Fine veil - birdcage - in black, with dots - on a black flat fascinator. Attachment with comb.

And...the last one is Valentins Camelia Set 3 Roses called "Billies goes Jazzafine":

Valentine's Edition: made from special satin! 

The flowers of Billie Holiday in juicy colors! 

Delicate & very elegant. Opulent flowers in hair - beautiful in the bun or loose hair. The camellia, Billie Hoidays wore it so often.

As simple as it is, this flower suits almost all the dresses - whether tulle, lace, crepe or satin.

Photos by me
Earrings by Glitter Paradise
Shop link: 1950's Confetti Lucite Shell Red earrings

Join me in the celebration of love and bring your heart to everything you do.

Love love love,
Idda van Munster

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  1. Dear Idda,
    I just have to say it again: "You're one of the most beautiful women on earth!" ♥

    I also have some pieces of Jazzafine hats and love every single one.
    Happy Valentine's Day ♥

  2. Slazem se. I ja kazem Valentinovo nam treba biti svaki dan.
    I za crveno se slazem. :-)
    Super slike. :-*

  3. LOVE your looks always,Idda!!!
    Just amazing feminine and absolutely beautiful is these little hats:)))
    Yes you are right,love us everywhere and everyday to see....
    Wishing you lovely week ahead,beautiful girl!

    Greetings from Ansterdam:)

  4. You are sooo sexy. And cute too.

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  5. I don't wear red very often, though I actually own at least a pair of pants, a cardi and a dress in that colour, as well as a lippy, but I don't like to see myself in red, so I shy from it.

  6. Red is a special colour! red lippy is a favourite of mine, I feel like I'm not dressed properly if I don't have lips - you do look absolutely beautiful x x x