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Vivien of Holloway: Grace Victory Rose Purple

Hello lovelies,

I love how beautiful the world becomes once spring is in full swing! 
Spring is so inspiring, so welcoming, so delightful... It never ceases to amaze me how almost imperceptibly the pink shades of cherry and apple blossoms are being replaced by the pretty purple-violet color of the lilac trees. It's like nature reminds us that there is always beauty and "good" if we choose to see it... Lilacs give softness to the world and to life. I love it, not only for its enchanting fragrance, but mostly because of its delicacy and humbleness...

The story, according to Greek mythology, begins with a stunning nymph named Syringa (lilac's botanical name) who caught the eye of Pan, the god of fields and forests. Captivated by her beauty, Pan chased Syringa through the forest until she became exhausted. To escape Pan, the nymph turned herself into a fragrant flowering bush - the flower we today refer to as lilac... (Sylvia)

These photos were taken the day after 
 I walked in my lovely neighborhood, where I saw many lilac trees in full bloom - I was so so inspired! I thought I must have photos in front of lilacs.

I'm wearing the most beautiful Victory Rose Purple Grace Wrap Circle Dress by Vivien of Holloway:
and the Purple petticoat:

Victory Rose floral prints are available in Peach, Cerise, Purple and Royal.

This fabric is very special to Vivien of Holloway as it is their first exclusive print, designed by Vivien specifically for their beautiful skirts and dresses. An eye catching and graceful print, each colour is perfectly complimented with VoH latest selection of petticoats. Team the delectable Victory Rose Purple with a wonderfully frothy purple petticoat for a match made in heaven!

   •    1950s Style Dress
    •    Wrap top
    •    Circle skirt
    •    Cotton Sateen
    •    Skirt length 28inches
    •    Made in London England

No outfit is complete without a flower in your hair - I've chosen the Purple White Hair Clip to match this outfit:


"Kissing always makes you beautiful. If you don't believe me, ask the frog who became a prince!"

About Vivien of Holloway:

A life-long Fifties lifestyle and fashion enthusiast, Vivien began sewing vintage-style clothes for herself at a mere ten years old. At eighteen, she opened her first shop in the world famous but now sadly gone Kensington Market, selling her hand-made 50s reproductions to fellow followers of 50's fashions. Many satisfied customers later, we can fast forward... oh, a couple of years to 2000, when the Vivien of Holloway brand was born, and Vivien's signature Fifties style soon took the world by storm.
Our focus has always been on producing beautiful dresses and separates with all the look and the charm of authentic vintage, but in a range of sizes to fit and flatter modern figures and ease of care to suit modern lifestyles.
With period perfect fabrics and cuts only slightly adapted from genuine vintage styles, in Vivien of Holloway you can be transformed into a cheesecake pin-up, a femme fatale, a saucy Mad Men-era office girl, or a WWII working girl – the choice is yours! All our clothes are proudly made in the UK and are loved by well-dressed women (and men!) across the globe; from rockabilly gals and swing dancers, to re-enactors and even celebrities! As well as producing gorgeous vintage-style clothing, we also pride ourselves on good old-fashioned customer service. For us, it's not just about looking the part, it's about the whole lifestyle. We're just trying to make the world a more fabulous and glamorous place, day by day.


Idda van Munster

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  1. wonderful pictures! have a great springtime... xxx

  2. Simply marvellous...I love the lilac trees, their aroma is so wonderful...you look amazing xx

  3. OMG, sooo beautiful you are in your lovely dress! Incredible, out of this world.

  4. You are so gorgeous- this shoot is amazing! Alex


  5. You are just amazing! The dress is stunning and so are these new photos!

  6. До чего же Вы хороша, слов нет...)))

  7. Exquisitely beautiful pics, so dreamy and the dress is divine! x x x

  8. Stunning, absolutely stunning. That dress looks beautiful - and you in it are gorgeous. Love your make-up^^

  9. Hi Dear Insta Friend !
    I love those images.
    I loved how you mixde the purple to the white and you look so délicate, it is for me great inspiration because it touched the romantique part of my vintage style so well!

    Love from Paris,

  10. You look amazing in that dress! Absoutly adoreble <3