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I ♥ Daisy Dapper

Hello lovely readers,

today I will introduce you to my dear friend Matilda Hanning the owner and designer of Daisy Dapper - retro/vintage clothing brand from Sweden. In this post I will show you some of her amazing dresses. Daisy Dapper offers classic cuts that flatter the female form, accentuating the waist and highlighting your curves. This Swedish brand offers true elegance and timeless class. A must have in any vintage lovers wardrobe. All of DD dresses fit perfectly and are made with love and good quality.

Who is Matilda Hanning?

I’m a 24 year old colorful girl who lives at Södermalm in Stockholm with my boyfriend. I’m in love with “the good ol’ days” in general and the fashion and everything that comes with it in particular as well as Mad Men, cooking and my favorites Elvis and Frank Sinatra.

You founded Daisy Dapper in 2008 after a trip to Las Vegas which you describe as fantastic, but would you mind giving me more specific details about what it was about ‘Sin City’ that made you kick off your business right after your arrival back to Sweden and what’s the story behind the name Daisy Dapper?

It really was the most amazing trip I’ve ever made and it gave me not only inspiration, but also courage, to start something of my own. I felt like “it’s now or never” and that I had to act when I was still young. I invested myself into it wholeheartedly and began with the opening of our web shop Shortly thereafter I opened my physical shop Daisy Dapper at Katarina Bangata 33 in Stockholm.

I came up with the name Daisy Dapper because I’ve always loved the girly name Daisy which I associate with the 50’s and it also makes me think about the delicate flower with the same name. Dapper means small and neat and it not only suited me as a person, it also had a nice ring to it. Daisy Dapper – Small, neat and delicate.

Do you have a muse that inspires your work and if so, who?

I find inspiration in both old movies and my grandmother’s old photo albums as well as from famous vintage pin up girls of today like Bernie Dexter and Dita Von Teese. I also get inspired by my lovely friends and family who share their own ideas which is a big help to me in my creative work.

Please tell me a little bit more about your lovely Daisy Dapper Collection. Is there a certain thought behind the clothing line and what kind of woman is it designed for?

The Daisy Dapper Collection AW13 is my fourth collection all together. About two years ago, I realized that it would be fun to have my very own label in the store with a more a more unique line of clothes. An idea which finally became a reality after a long search for good business relations, a factory, fine fabrics and so forth.

I launch my collections twice a year and I show them off at, among others, the alternative fashion fair in London. At the moment our store in Stockholm is the only place in Sweden where you can find the Daisy Dapper Collection, but thanks to an extensive network, we now have about 25 vendors around the world, and my designs are sold as far away as Toronto, Canada.

My basic thought behind the collection is for it to fit different ages and body shapes and Daisy Dapper collections are made ​​from size XS to XXXL. But most importantly I would like the garments to be timeless and it is my vision that they will be worn by women 20 years from now. Just as classic and beautiful as ever.
Tell me one thing about yourself that you think nobody knows. I’m all ears and I promise I won’t tell. Your secret is safe with me. ;)

I think a lot about life after death… What happens etc, etc?

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Cheerful, charismatic and emotional.

What’s your goal for Daisy Dapper in the future?

That Daisy Dapper evolves into something people will remember.


I was so happy when Matilda asked me to do some photos wearing her gorgeous dresses. There are no words to describe how DD dresses fit perfectly - so so amazing!!!
First of all I will show you the dresses from the new spring/summer collection 2014.
I'm wearing the Daisy Dress in color light peach yellow. This dress is a every girl's dream! Perfect for weddings, graduation, prom, etc... and of course for just a spezial day. The Daisy Dress has a fluffy tulle skirt and rose lace details all over the top.
My size is S (small) and is true to size.

My headpiece is made by Jazzafine Pieces Full of Verve.
You can buy it here:

Photos by the super talented Nina Mašić


The second dress I'm wearing from the new collection is Daisy Dapper Trudy Dress in Vintage Pink color.
This is my absolute favorite dress and color.
Elegantly simple dress with finesse. A-cut skirt with nice details at the neck. Matching belt
 included. Zipper at the back.

62%Cotton 35%Polyester 3%Lycra

Photos by Muna Nazak Photography

Headpiece thanks to my lovely friend Eleanor - here you can buy her pieces:

Earrings by Glitter Paradise

Bag by Woody Ellen


Ahoi! Sailor Idda wearing Daisy Dapper Sailor dress.

Hat by Antia Hut Mode
Jewellery by Glitter Paradise
Bangles by Audrey Star's Boutique.

Photos by Nina Mašić


There is never enough Daisy Dapper dresses - and if you are a 1940's lover this classic is a must have in emerald green color:

I love to match DD dresses with Woody Ellen bags.
Wearing this fabulous dress with Honey Bird clutch bag by Woody Ellen

Hair flowers by Jazzafine Pieces Full of Verve.

Photos by Muna Nazak taken in my house.


Mad Men inspired dress with rounded collar. Matching buttons and belt. Slits and back zipper.
This dress is called Joan Dress in color Plum Pink:

Hat is vintage
Location my house
Photos by Muna Nazak

If you are looking for vintage inspired dresses and very good quality - then you will be satisfied with Daisy Dapper!!!

Shop at


Idda van Munster

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  1. Du bist so wunder-wunder-wunderschön *-*

    Daisy Dapper gehört mittlerweile auch zu meinen Favoriten. Mittlerweile besitze ich schon das eine oder andere Kleid - mehr folgt defintiv demnächst.

    Liebst, dein Perlchen Noir

  2. I really believe the Joan dress is my favorite of all. Even if , I just Love the new launched collection.
    It suits you really Well you look flawless again.
    Thanks for sharing this little interview With us Idda !


  3. These are beautiful dresses, I'm quite taken with the first dress, it is a dream!! Gorgeous shapes and colours in all of these, must treat myself. You look flawless doll Xxx

  4. Ah, these Daisy Dapper dresses are just gorgeous - they are all such wonderful colours and great cuts. It's always great to discover new vintage stores! Thanks for sharing :)

    Melissa xx

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