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Metaphysika for Milenika Shoes Part II: Summer City

Summer finally arrived in the town!
Hope you read my previous blog post about Milenika shoes here
The second shoes from Milenika are called "Summer City - Sunflower" so our location for the photoshoot was a swimming pool in the city.

Energize your footwear collection with Milenika’s Summer city Sunflower sandal in lemon yellow and flame red. 
Sandals will give every outfit a fresh shot of colour. 
Adjust the buckled ankle strap for perfect fit and walk through the summer. 
Covered striped heel measures approximately 85mm/ 3.5 inches. 
Full leather outer, interior and sole.

I am wearing the Deadly Is The Female swimwear - steal my style & take a peak at their shop here:
The most fabulous 1950s style swimwear to make you feel like a million dollars on the beach or at the pool – some are so glamorous they could have stepped straight out of an old movie!

Hairflowers are made by the lovely Jessika Hill 
shop at RockRockabilly

Earrings by Glitter Paradise

Bangles shop at AudreyStarsBoutique

A perfect day for me is where fun, festivity and relaxation all fused together. Thank you Muna Nazak and Adnana Handzic for these wonderful memories! There are things in this world that no money can by like spending Summers with our love ones.I think it is wonderful to embrace each season with joy and optimism. To explore, to discover, to create brand new exciting memories. Summer has just began and we have so much time to make sure we will have one awesome summer this year. Life’s too short not to enjoy the joys of sunshine.Life's too short... buy the shoes you like!!!


Idda van Munster

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  1. <3 Aida je predivna, a potom sve sto ona nosi <3

  2. What a stunning photo-shoot, so gorgeous! the shoes are so pretty x x x

  3. You are right Idda... We should enjoy each joy sunshine brings... If only, some Days it was easier, i wish... Not in a super mood these Days, but all I can say is that you are flawless at the pool dear!