utorak, 12. lipnja 2012.

Half moon vintage nails

"Anyway it's a great conversation piece to say you are wearing the same kind of manicure as Marlene Dietrich wore. I've struck up many a conversation over the years with my nails".
                                                 ~ Dita von Teese
Hello dear readers,

 Today I thought I'd make a post about the wonder that is the vintage manicure or reverse French manicure. I personally love the style for the way it looks, but for girls like me who work with their hands the extra couple of minutes it takes to do, saves plenty of time because your manicure lasts so much longer!

The half moon manicure was a symbol of glamour in the 1930's and 1940's, but the main reason women left a half moon bare was ultimately practical: when they had their nails done in those days the varnish took a long time to apply and dry, so women tried to keep their manicures going for as long as possible, and leaving the half moons meant that regrowth didn't appear so obvious as the weeks went by.

 The half moon manicure has been seen in fashion mags and on the catwalk, but most people these days would recognize it as the Dita von Teese manicure.
Dita Von Teese is known for her authentic vintage style, so to finish her look she wears her fingernails in a retro 1930's - 1940's fashion style, which leaves the half moons left unpainted.

The "original" vintage look is with your natural half moon of your nail on the bottom, it's beautiful.
How did I achieve my perfect half-moon nails? You’ll never believe this, but I’ll let you in on my secret. Psst…. you there, come closer: I used circular paper reinforcers. Yes, those rounded stickers that go around the holes for 3 ring binders – and they work a charm. Some people call this technique the reverse french manicure.

Half moon: red-nude
Half moon: red-white

 Done in red with a bare or light pink “moon” is a classic vintage look. For a modern-day take, experiment with other color combinations like black and griege or green and silver.
 I like my nails round/pointed. I think square or squoval look good on other people, but I find that they look chunky on my soft hands.
I think the look is very chic and the possibilities are endless for yummy color combinations. What do you think? Would you do your nails like this?

Lots of love,
Idda van Munster

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  1. Oh, love these. But I would need someone to paint my nails as even as you do.:)
    Beautiful blouse!

  2. I love half-moon-mani - I sometimes do my nails with half moon manicure - I use reinforcing rings as help - that makes it even :) I have a little tutorial on my blog ;D

  3. Love it, this is exactly how I love my nails to love, medium-long, with beautiful red and a rounded tip... beautiful! (I also use the reinforcement stickers! So much cheaper than buying proper manicure stickers! :P ) x

  4. već te dugo pratim, a sad moram i komentirati. obožavam te! to je ono najiskrenije što mogu reći. da pojasnim- oduševljava me to što si kompletna. bar tako djeluješ, odnosno daješ dojam jedne zaokružene ličnosti koja to što nosi, piše i govori- ujedno i živi. To je ono što je po mom mišljenju jedino ispravno i gotovo da mi je teško povjerovati da na ovom našem brdovitom Balkanu postoji osoba koja njeguje i dijeli s nama jedan takav prekrasan svijet.

    Što se ovog posta tiče- vidjela sam na nekoliko djevojaka sličnu varijantu, samo što je polumjesec bio obojan u lak druge nijanse. Ovo mi se nekako više sviđa, djeluje prirodnije. I jako mi se sviđa košuljica koju nosiš! <3

    1. Draga Josefina,
      hvala ti mnogo na ovako divnom komentaru!
      Tvoje riječi su mi izmamile suze...

      Hvala ti od srca!
      All my love to you,

  5. I wear my nails like this most of the time I love it and have played around with black half moons as well!

  6. Boze,koliko si ti lepa i koliko je sve ovo sto predstavljas na svom blogu lepo i drugacije..
    saveti,tvoja iskustva,nega,sminka,outfiti..
    uzivam,odmaram mozak u najpozitivnijem smislu kad dodjem na tvoj blog...
    hvala na tome,ostani uvek takva,veliki pozdrav

  7. Thank you for this post. It answered some questions I had and I put a link to it in my blog post today. You are a stunning woman! Photos are beautiful!

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