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Welcome to my house of porcelain dolls.

Dear readers,

Me - in living room.
I have collected porcelain dolls for many years, this collection is mostly in my living room. Some dolls are antiques from my childhood.
Dolls are definitely not just for children. Grown-ups also have this fascination towards porcelain dolls because having these dolls transport us back to their childhood – back when everything seems to be a lot less complicated. Seeing these dolls displayed in our homes would definitely bring back the genuine smiles that we once had when we were still young.

Although, to many people, porcelain dolls can be some of the scariest dolls that one can cross paths with, you will find that there are so many other people that find porcelain dolls beautiful and near one of a kind. I’m a lover of these dolls! As a collectible porcelain dolls have an attraction all of their own.
Why do people collect antique porcelain dolls? Perhaps they collect because it brings back memories from their childhoods. Maybe it's because they appreciate the craftsmanship involved in making the toys. It might be because porcelain dolls are valuable. Regardless of your motivation, there are a few things that you should know as you start collecting porcelain dolls.

These two dolls are my new babies in my collection - antiques from Germany.

The Chinese developed porcelain over a thousand years ago and succeeded in keeping the formula secret for hundreds of years. It wasn't until the poor, captive alchemist Johann Friedrich Bottger, held by Augustus the Strong, Elector of Saxony and King of Poland, perfected the formula for European-made porcelain in the first decade of the 18th century that porcelain became common in the West. Porcelain dolls have been made for about 200 years.
Dolls can be between half an inch and five feet tall. The heads of the dolls are in two forms, porcelain or bisque. Bisque is unglazed porcelain and has a warmer, more natural appearance.
When looking at collectible porcelain dolls, consider the overall craftsmanship of the pieces. The formation of the hands and fingers is very important. Open hands and fingers are harder to make than closed hands and fingers. The "skin" of the doll should be smooth to the touch and as lifelike as possible.
When considering a bisque doll, a doll with a closed mouth is generally more collectible than one with an open mouth. Like porcelain dolls, bisque dolls should have "skin" that is "unblemished" and have a realistic look.

I love the creepy smile of the porcelain boy too.

Victorian porcelain dolls continue to be a popular collector's item. Unfortunately, it is difficult to find a Victorian doll that is still in perfect shape. Interestingly, a restored doll may actually be worth less than a damaged doll. Regardless of whether you are considering a restored doll or one in its original condition, the more information that you can get, preferably in writing, the more valuable the piece might be. The age and origin as well as any other facts that you can garnish will add to the "story" of your Victorian doll.
Also consider edition porcelain dolls. The value of this type of doll lies, in part, with the fact that a limited number of dolls were produced. Make sure that you have all the supporting information, such as certification. Retaining the original packaging can add value to your doll over the long term.

I hope I am not the only one collecting porcelain dolls. What about you? Do you like them? Are you collecting something / hobby?

Collecting porcelain dolls is a hobby that can be truly rewarding.
Once you start building a collection, it’ll be hard to stop. There are porcelain doll shows to attend, new friends to be made, and more and more porcelain dolls to be loved and admired. But every moment spent on porcelain dolls is like spending another moment in childhood...

As always with love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. Love your makeup!
    Awesome doll collection. I have a couple myself. 3 in my room and the others are stored away because they are really fragile.

    Nail blog

  2. Zanimljivo skroz. Porculanske lutke mi jesu malo scary ali ne može im se poreći ljepota i divljenje majstorima koji su uspjeli da načine tako delikatne komade.

  3. Lutke su prekrasne, iako ih ja nisam nikad skupljala... Zato imamo u dnevnom boravku (muž skuplja godinama) hrpetinu LP ploča složenih po abecedi, ja skupljam samo knjige ( i čitam ih, naravno, nije da ih samo skupljam;)). Eto, svatko ima svoju strast! Ilina

  4. Divne su mi tovje lutkice, ja ih imam par a jednu veliku sam dobila i ostala mi u Holandiji. Nekada prije sam skupljala cameo :).

  5. You, yourself look like a doll! :) Well, porcelain dolls are quite peculiar and interesting because of their realistic appearance, which is emphasized by their skin-like matte finish. But there’s no denying that they’re beautiful! I guess it’s an acquired taste though. :)


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