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Fall in love with your dress…

 “A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together. It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences.”

- Dave Meurer

It has been a very busy weekend for me but an amazing one. Last week has been a very exciting week. It’s Monday today and I got up this morning feeling a little tired but happy.

Big thanks to MMS Studio

Yesterday I had the awesome pleasure of modeling at "Wedding Day Event" at Hotel Bristol Sarajevo. My friend Merima Halimanovic-Bravic has her own wedding dresses showroom "Destiny" with the new La Sposa collection. Wear one of her beautiful wedding dresses and people will remember your unique style – whether it be vintage, modern, rustic, or city chic. She organized a day to all the newlyweds for tips and ideas for their wedding day. Every bride has lots of things to think about when she's planning her wedding, but so many tend to forget about taking care of themselves on the day of their wedding. And it's important that those small, but mighty, details not escape even the most well prepared bride!
Merima & me
Wedding dresses are gorgeous garments all girls dream of wearing. I have heard that there are actually some models that would not want to model a wedding dress because for fear that they would jinx their own wedding and will never marry. Some even has the principle that they will only wear a wedding dress on the day of their wedding.  Wow, I never knew models could be so superstitious.
I should just take it as a complement that I am often booked to be a bride. This simply means that I am a “dream” bride. Haha! If there is a term like that. Actually, wearing several wedding gowns for these modeling jobs have its advantages. I found out which gowns I absolutely abhor.

Make up and hair done by me. Big thanks to MMS Studio for this wonderful photos - MMS Studio facebook page.

When I get married, I’ll probably choose off-white, beige, ecru, even lavender is nice. But I’m sure my mind will change as to what color.
I'm wearing petticoat under my everyday circle dresses, but I absolutely detest the big voluminous ones. I also do not quite understand why brides would choose to give themselves a hard time during their wedding day.  Walking around in those big gowns is no joke.  I can't count the number of times I had an accident with one of those things. It snags on edges, doorways and wood panels. Moreover, I cannot calculate the path wherein I’m walking because of the huge skirt, causing me to bump into things, people, etc. Believe me, it’s hard to have a big skirt on your wedding gown.
If I were to have my wedding, why would I want to limit my movement and allow myself to suffer in silence because my big and heavy gown is dragging me down. I want to be as comfortable as possible.

In general, due to the number of times I have worn wedding gowns, I have eventually realized the things that I might need when I become a real bride.  If I hadn’t worn those dresses; I wouldn’t have found out the things that would make me uncomfy on my wedding day.  So it does have it perks. As another superstition goes, your man shouldn’t see you in your wedding gown. Well, too late for that now!

Which kind of wedding dress is your favorite?

As always with love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. Hi! I love your style :).
    The last wedding dress look similar as mine :)

  2. Divna! Ne mogu izabrati favorita. :)

  3. Dopada mi se ova vjencanica na prvim fotografijama,a a takodje i ova sa crnim detaljima. Inace mi se svidjaju haljine sirena oblika i one ispod koljena u stilu 50'ih i u beige nijansama...Ne volim ball gown nikako, iako sam u potrazi za krinolinom danima :)...A naravno ti si prekrasna kao i uvijek...


  4. you look so pretty! ♥
    love all these dresses too, you look so amazing in all of them! :)

  5. What fun trying on all these gowns, I love 1930s bias cut and 1950s, but have to admit I like big meringue like ones too! x

  6. You are STUNNING! I love all of these dresses. You're so lucky to have experimented with all kinds of dresses so you know what you want on your wedding day. Most people would never be allowed to try on so many dresses at a boutique!

    Mabel Time

  7. What a gorgeous post - you are an absolutely fantastic model! <3

  8. You look beautiful in every gown! I agree with your need for free and easy movement on your wedding day. For my wedding day, it was very important to have a dress that I could dance in!

  9. Hi,my dearest new virtual friend,Idda;-)*

    It's so pleasant for me to meet you here via blogland world!!!

    Oh my Godness.............you are really amazing! And you know,some photos of you are absolutely iconic,gorgeous! You like as Dita Von Teese,lingerie model and just also great model!!!
    Look at this link,please: http://www.ditasdomain.com/parfum/

    Thank you SO much for you lovely comment by me:-)*

    Love and sunshine hugs from Amsterdam,

  10. Hi! My nami is Elena. I am from Russia.
    You are gorgeous!

  11. You look so elegant and glam! I really like your poses <3 So gorgeous!

  12. Girl, you are awesome, love your blog a lot~!

  13. You look wonderfull!!! In every dress!
    My favourite dress is the red one, my wedding dress was red too, but dark red.

    Greetings from Germany

  14. Dear Idda!

    I couldn't resist commenting on this post, now that I've seen it, despite how old it is! It really made me smile, because earlier this year I modelled wedding gowns myself - in London, it was a three day fashion event. I worked for Alan hannah, I don't know if you know the designer, it's haute couture bridalwear, beautiful dresses! If you have a spare moment, do look them up, it's worth it! Some of their gowns have a very vintage feel to them, it's impossible not to pick at least five you'd like to own :)

    My point is that I could very much relate to your post, and I must confess that I too was one of those ''supersticious'' models as you said, asking myself on couple of occassions whether I made the right decision! My bad, it's a strange feeling to wear so many wedding gowns and pretend to be a grown up bride, when I still call my mum everytime I try to cook a chicken soup! But I couldn't agree more, it certainly makes you aware of what cuts suit you, what you feel comfortable in and so on, so I'm glad I had the opportunity to now know what my ideal wedding gown would be! Although I must say that during those endless fashion stands there was an inside joke between us girls that if we ever marry, it's going to be in jeans and a pair of flats! But I treasure those moments, modelling something as special as wedding gowns, it's just unlike anything else, isn't it? The very event to which they would be worn to, that joining of two lifes, that alone makes them beautiful.

    And as to conclude my nostalgic moaning, you look absolutelly stunning in all of the dresses, dear :) A real ''dream'' bride! Oh, I wish I had some photos of myself from that fashion show! I never saw any of them! The only ones I have are from backstage. You're so lucky to have such a beautiful collection :) I especially like you in the silver flowing one, you remind me of some gorgeous mermaid sitting on a sea shore in pale moonlight...

    Greetings from Slovakia (not that far away from Bosnia!), keep it classy and glamorous Miss van Munster!

    Lots of love from a fellow vintage and old hollywood glamour lover,

  15. Lovely wedding party gowns! Will love to buy wedding dress from there. Thanks for these amazing photographs. I am going to attend a destination wedding at local wedding venues Chicago. Hope to look at best there.