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Beauty favourites of the moment

Hello dear readers!

My blog is my little area on the web where I can give you my thoughts and opinions on things. I can share my life. I can share my photos, my stories, my recipes... Today, I thought it'd be fun to give you a rundown on some of my favorite beauty products.

I don't often talk about perfume on my blog because it's a very personal choice and depends on individual preference.  What is amazing to one person, may be off putting to another.  However, I have had a few emails lately asking what my favourite perfumes are so I thought I would oblige.

I have quite a few perfumes in my collection and I tend to wear a different smell almost every day (I decide what to wear based on mood & occasion).

nr. 1: Chloé
l’Eau de Chloé reminds me of something from my childhood and I’m having trouble pinning down what it is. I used to have a selection of solid perfumes (they had come with some kind of Flower Fairies set) and I think that one of them may have been quite similar to the Chloé fragrance. The beautiful smell of rosewater and the soft citrus is a perfect blend – there’s nothing shocking or dramatic about it, but it’s easy to wear and incredibly pretty. 

nr. 2: Dita von Teese
The quote inside
 Seriously sexy and full of mystique is what we all expect from burlesque star Dita Von Teese. The sultry scent features bulgarian rose, peony, spicy bourbon pepper and smoky wood, all packaged up in a seductive bottle with a classic black tassle. 
 I often thought about the great women that I admire like Marlene Dietrich or Hedy Lamarr—those sexy, glamorous, iconic women, and I couldn’t imagine them ever smelling like fruits or candy,” she said in an interview with the label. “I wanted something that speaks of wanting to be grown-up, a sophisticated woman who is in charge of her life.”

nr. 3: Hypnotic Poison by DIOR
 Words can't really describe it's smell. It's magical. I am bad at describing fragrances but I'll tell you my impression. The main ingredient in this fragrance is vanilla. It has tons of it. It's a very addictive fragrance. It seems I can't stop sniffing myself when I have this on my skin. In the top there's also some almond. Yes, it is sweet, but not in a disturbing way. After some time the jasmine kicks in and makes Hypnotic Poison slightly femminine.

nr. 4: Yria by Yves Rocher
 To me Yria is fruity-oriental.
It's a very feminine, a bit sweet, sensual and mature fragrance.
I love Yria. It is a little bit old fashioned and predictable, but nevertheless, classy. It gives me confidence. Something for more mature women, don't condsider it if you're a teen.
It smells better in the evening, but independent and mature women can wear it also during the day.

nr. 5: Russisch Leder by Farina Gegenüber (1967)
 It smells like a mixture of tar and vintage leather, just like a scent called "russian leather" should. Smoky and very balsamic in structure. I love unisex vintage perfumes.

nr. 6: Fire & Ice by Revlon
This is the real vintage red - the color between orange and red. For over 75 years, Revlon has brought the most beautiful colors in the world to the most beautiful women in the world. In 1952, Revlon launched its iconic color collection Fire and Ice, with matching lips and fingertips in a bold, fiery red. Revlon has brought back itsFire and Ice collection for today’s woman – who is as bold, confident, and glamorous as ever. I'm a BIG fan of Dorian Leigh!
 I love it for it’s creamy texture and lasting color.

nr. 7: MAC full coverage foundation
 I love MAC and I love this foundation!! I haven't come across a foundation that gives coverage like this does before.

nr. 8: Benefit Sugarbomb
 For me, Benefit's blush boxes are the stand-out products of the entire range. Expensive, yes, but beautifully packaged, a great selection of colours and very long lasting. I love the names of the products and the uber cute packaging. This latest boxed face powder blends triangles of peach, rose, pink and plum together to produce a softly shimmering pink flush.
Sugarbomb is the best!

nr. 9: Riche Creme by Yves Rocher
 The Riche creme has a thick cream consistency, with quite a strong, floral scent, which I personally like, though it might not be for people who do not like fragranced products. Have you tried any Yves Rocher products?

nr. 10: KRYOLAN Lipstick Palette
What to say? I have a love relationship with my Kryolan palette.

Hope you enjoyed.
What are your favourite fragrances for day and night?
 What are your favorite beauty products?

With love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. odličan post! volim Revlon kao marku, nisam doduše probala ništa njihovo osim ruževa koji su sjajni! obožavam Revlon Matt u nijansi Really Red, ne znam jesi li probala taj ruž ali mislim da bi ti bio savršen. pusa ;)

  2. wow das parfüm von chloe habe ich auch :>
    so eine fundation von mac muss ich mir auch mal zulegen :>

  3. Chloé parfem imam i obozavam ga i pored njega J'adore mi je najbolji, a stvarno imam mnogo parfema koje obozavam. Skoro sam kupila Revlon liquid foundation, pa sam htjela kupiti i ovaj Ice&Fire, ali nisu imali tada.

  4. kao stvoren za mene! Moj definitivni favorit je Chloé, a zatim Hypnotic Poison...s tim da njega nosim isključivo zimi jer mi se čini da je malo prejak za ljeto! Ali parfem je savršen...

    Prije par mjeseci pisala sam post o svojim parfemima, pogledaj malo :)

  5. Oh, i realy want that, thaks for the advances and kisses from Brasil!
    I love you!


  6. Kako volim ovakve postove :)
    Od parfema nisam probala samo posljednji pa ga ne mogu ni komentarisati. Za one ostale mogu samo potvrditi tvore riječi, osim za Hypnotic Poison. Taj mi je prejak.
    A već dugo tragam za savršenom crvenom bojom karmina, i nikako da nađem onaj pravi. Taj lak za nokte imam, ali ću potražiti i karmin :)

  7. I currently love Guerlains Duet Rose Patchouli.
    I love my Jan Marini cleanser, I let the acids work my skin like a mask for five minutes and the feeling afterwords is a new and fresher skin.
    I love how Omega 3 supplements have helped me battle dryness and breakouts.
    I have a new PINK!!!! summer lippie from Chanel called L'Exurbant...I got a warmer skin tone so I'm really happy that I managed to fiend a retro pink that actually works , this is my first evve bright pink lippie and I feel more comfortable now stepping out and finding new shades... like search for a c o r a l one and a sixties n u d e lippie as well...

  8. I love Pure Grace by Philosophy for the day and Eau Dynamisante by Clarins for the night.
    Since the California summer is just around the corner, I've been using Posie tint by Benefit for my cheeks and lips when I go to the beach.

  9. I have never heard of Russisch Leder before but it sounds beautiful, I will have to give it a try. Thanks for the tips!

    Penny Dreadful Vintage

  10. Great post aida Im going nuts here in Dublin we can't get the ditta perfume anywhere Im dying to try it. I love strong perfume like Angel by thierry muggler or my old favourite that they have discontinued is femme by joop. i love this perfume Im buying it on the net now. I must try that Christian dior one it sounds lovely. Have a great week my beautiful friend kisses from Dublin xx leonie.

  11. Thank You for sharing Your favourites! About perfume: If you´re able to, please try to snuff on the perfume that I currently found - called Perles de Lalique by Lalique...(I mean...already how it´s called...) If I´m wearing it, I feel like Marlene Dietrich or Karády Katalin (a hungarian icon). Greetings!

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