srijeda, 13. lipnja 2012.

I'm Walking on Sunshine!

Hello lovely readers,

Just a quick post today, I am very busy and I have to study.
I woke this morning with the sun shining and had a feeling it was going to be a good day... I was right! 
Normally, Wednesday’s are my “hump day” meaning it usually a very long day but once it is over I know the rest of the week and weekend will be less stressful. Today was anything but a hump day and I couldn’t be more excited about all the exciting things happening this month!
Sunny days! That makes me so happy and full of life, makes me wanna go out with my friends, have fun and long walks with my hubby or my brother.

Today I was feeling a bit under the weather so I mixed up something really quick! Hope you like it!
I'm really sorry I don't have any close-up pics with makeup or outfit details, hope you can figure it out.

Live your days on the positive side of life, in tune with your most treasured values. And in each moment you'll have much to live for.

Okay, I'm going off now, I must study!

Skirt: Early 1950s vintage shop
Blouse: 1950s cropped pin-up top flea market
 Shoes: 1940s vintage shop
Bag: Straw bag flea market Germany

All the best,
Idda van Munster

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  1. I love the tied top look with a skirt. Super sexy!

  2. Lovely skirt, i love 50s :) I had busy day too, but I wasnt so lucky about the weather :( we had stormy and windy day, and its raining now.

  3. Ta duzina suknje i opet umjereno sexy.Da te covjek uokviri;)

  4. Hello, Idda!
    I've been following your tumblr and blog for a while now and I must say I really admire you...! You're so fierce.
    Can I ask you what are you studying? Are you going to college?
    Best wishes,

    1. Ditto, I was wondering if I could also ask what you were studying? (if it's not to personal) x

  5. Oh, I wish I could study looking like this! You look divine as usual. Thank you for the positive outlook, I'll remember to think that way a bit more often :) x

  6. You beautiful thing! Hope your studies are going well. x

  7. ja sam fascinirana tvojom lepotom i stilom, svaka ti cast!!! wow!:)

  8. Lepotice,prelepa si i bez sminke-samo nastavi da furas svoj fazon. Odusevljena sam tobom ;)

  9. You are probably tired of hearing people telling you how beautiful you are, but in case you are not, let me say: You are extremely and completely beautiful. Think I'm in love. hahaha

    I'm following and I would really like if you visit my blog, I'm brazilian and you may not understand a lot of it (sorry), but it's about music and fashion, both universal languages.


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