srijeda, 11. srpnja 2012.

15 summer days: A photo journal!

Dear readers,

sorry for my silence. I'm enjoying summer days and I'm so freaking busy.
I decided to do a post: One day - One photo.
Photos taken with my mobile phone camera.

Day 1:  Finished nails. Sunset on my balcony - beautiful moments to enjoy!
Day 2: My summer look
Day 3: Coffee time with my mother
Day 4:  Raindrops on my window. I love that smell of summer rain. Nothing better.
Day 5:  Enjoying the beautiful day with my boyfriend - enjoying every moment of it. The Dots look like Hearts.
Day 6:  Package arrived from Canada (it took 2 months to arrive), from my lovely Monia Dolly Von Sucre (Doll In Sugar Coma) ♥ So let's see what goodies I got. Thank you so much! What a sweet surprise.
Day 7:  Today I choose to let my hair down.
Day 8:  It's so freaking hot outside. Cold showering again..again and again.
Day 9: Studing all day long. Pafff!
Day 10: Doing wedding hair & make-up for a wonderful lady.
Day 11: What to wear? Floral 1950's dresses?
Day 12 Working and having fun with my friends. Choose cocktails that are elegant and unique. I love the classic Cointreau Sidecar…it has a warmth that is divine, plus most people don’t know this classic vintage cocktail, so it’s a delight to serve it at parties.   
Day 13: Heaven with Cointreau day 2 on Sarajevo Film Festival.  The best! Cointreau ❤
Day 14:  I'm in love with my new tattoo necklace. Photo © Semir Dedeić. Me and my sweet lil sister Ana Marija.
Day 15: Say hello to this adorable pony. On the way to visit my aunt.
All my love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. thank you thank you for the wonderful pics!!!

  2. oh u look so beautiful as always aida and its such a lovely collection of photos. i love ur necklace its so cool and what a adorable pony. i love cointreau to its so yummy. goes straight to my head though
    glad to hear u are getting some nice weather pretty bad here. i love ur hair in the polka dot scarff i can never do it right kisses from Dublin xx leonie.

  3. Odnedavno te pratim i naprosto sam ocarana <3

    Vidim vrlo poznate mi nazive u udzbeniku, sto studiras? :)

    1. Hvala puno, drago mi je da ti se dopada ^^

      Studiram farmaciju, huh!

  4. Still the most amazing photos even with your mobile phone! Beautifully captured. Xx

  5. Lovely collection of pictures :)

  6. Predobre su fotke,ona sa srcima na haljini mi se mnogo svidja! A ti si predivna...kao da si doputovala kroz vreme. ;)

    1. Hvala puno, kamera od mobitela mi je nevjerovatna!
      Ta fotka je i meni najdraža ^^

  7. You're jaw dropping! Can't wait to see some of your new projects!
    -Imani Love

  8. Predivna si, obradujem se kad vidim da si objavila novi post :)

    Molim te napiši gdje si kupila lančić, pozdrav!