nedjelja, 22. srpnja 2012.

Rockabilly/vintage store:

Dear readers,

If you are looking to change your wardobe to more classy, feminine, modest and “I want to look my age” kind of deal - then you are on the right place here. The key to Rockabilly is all in the style. Kustom rides, pin-up hairstyles, and vintage threads all make up the Rockabilly vibe. While hitting up websites like ebay, and etsy can yield some very good deals and styles, shopping local is a great way to support our local community. The Rockabilly crowd is a relatively small one, and we can all do our part to keep that spirit going by supporting eachother.
So with that in mind, here is my favorite online rockabilly/vintage store
online store for streetwear, surf & skate clothing, pin up, hot rod & tattoo culture, Iron Fist, Lucky 13, Felon, VanS, Element, Merc, Thrasher, Globe, Atticus, Miss Fortune, Collectif, Osiris and more...

Last week - I was a model for FearBoxStore clothing from Berlin/Germany.
Photos by © Dado Veron
Make-up/Hair by me

Finished hair and make-up.
The old trend that is influencing the future.

Our culture now is going full circle. Old rules but new trends just blend seemingly together. Diving into this glamorous wardrobe has many advantages.

This style flatters it’s host no matter what your shape and size may be.

Having the A-line cut, gives your figure the hour glass look even if you don‘t have one. The new Lucky 13 "Miss Prissy" dress is made of charcoal pindot stretch cotton/poplin and has an adorable black bow at the left shoulder. More details on:

The Sailor dress Navy. More details - Buy now!

Miss Fortune - Lady Luck Wiggle dress - More details - Buy now!

Buy this TOP now on: 
LUCKY 13 Raquel Cardigan
Acrylic leopard cardigan with scoop neck.
Embroidered at waistband.
Miss Fortune - Nautical Nancy Off the Shoulder Top - Navy - More details - Buy now!

Pay attention on the details: hair, make-up, nails and of course accessorizes (hair flowers, bandanas...).

This genre of clothing evokes the feminine image. It’s fun, ready to wear and playful. How I wish I lived in this era…

So go ahead and be a rebel and fall in love with rockabilly fashion at FearBoxStore!

Long live rock'n'roll,

Idda van Munster

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  1. Wonderful photos. I especially love the first two ones. :)

  2. Ida,dearest,you are absolutely HOT!:-)*

    Your hair and make up is truly amazing!

    So much beautiful style and geat details everywhere....Fantastic!!!

    Wish you a wonderful week,



  3. Oh u look so gorgeous as always great photos love the great variety what a great post. U are just like a movie star have a great week kisses from Dublin xx leonie.

  4. Aida draga svaka ti cast zaista si jedno prekrasno stvorenje :D

  5. You're absolutely radiant! Love all your photos!

  6. Idda, you look amazing in those pics! I happen to own that Miss Prissy dress, and you're inspiring me to wear it again soon! :)

  7. I think it was a great opportunity and experience for you to model on this store. I've always been checking up on their site and always fills my shopping cart with their best and loveable stuff! I'm kind of like eyeing on the necklace you're wearing on the first outfit. :D
    -Izzonet Shopping Cart Software

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