četvrtak, 16. kolovoza 2012.

My Portfolio (the first part)

Dear readers,

lately I saw a lot of my professional photos from my earlier photoshoots everywhere on the web: on tumblrPinterest, weheartit.com, flickr, Pin-up pages etc.

I decided to post a part of these photos here on my blog.
I have done an interview with such a lovely lady Sorelle Amore - Chief Executive Officer at Pin up Passion.

I'm always doing my own hair & make-up for my photoshoots. Practice makes perfect - sit in front of the mirror and study your face thoroughly.

1. Intro - When & how did pin up modeling start? Why were you drawn to this style?

"Pin-up" holds special meaning in my heart. When I was young I grew up in Germany, watching a lot of old Hollywood movies and hearing stories of WW2 and how children, teens and Hollywood stars supported their troops and veterans. I'm obsessed with everything that is vintage. I simply adore the clothing and it has become my lifestyle.
I feel like for the first time in my life I have found something that makes me feel complete, cute and sexy. It gives me that confidence that I had always longed for. I love taking pictures, its become a hobby to me and have had numerous people tell me that I should get into modeling. And that's how it all started...

2. Idda van Munster...How have you become so confident in yourself?

It doesn’t matter what other people think of you, it’s the thoughts you have about yourself that makes all the difference. If you want to be more confident, then make a list that details what confidence looks like and act accordingly. If you want to try out a bold look but feel hesitant, tell yourself: ‘a confident person doesn’t care what other people think and I’m a confident person and I like this outfit so I’ll wear it!’
If you don’t want to have a bad day or feel bad about yourself, then start thinking great thoughts! Every thought resonates through your mind and body and creates a vibration which will make those thoughts a reality.

3. You have exceptional skin, however that hasn't always been the case. Can you tell us about what your skin condition used to be like and what you do now for your skin?

There is nothing that is more devastating to our confidence than a bad skin problem. I have a history of pretty bad acne problems. My mom's side of the family had it bad. A really bad acne I cured in no more than 6 months. My acne started when I was about 16 years old.
I had pimples all over my face and it was an extremely unpleasant experience. I went to a dermatologist and she prescribed me a lot of acne medicine. I liked how it made my skin feel soft and it cleared my acne forever and also to reduce the signs of aging.
Ever since my acne dissapeared, I’ve relegated the usage of Triacneal from nightly to every alternate night, as a form of maintenance.

4. Your profile is growing every day. How long did it take for your Idda van Munster profile to become so recognised? How much work have you had to put into this?

I have done a lot of photos with my photographers Safet Hadzimusic and Benis Arapovic for Fotolia - one of the biggest and best stock photography site or micro stock agency online.
A lot of these photos appeared everywhere in the world: in Spain on billboards, tattoo magazine cover in Brazil, cover magazines in Italy, Germany, Sweden... Nowadays.
I do not know where my photos are more published – but they know my name and that's one of the reasons why my profile is growing every day. Maybe - through my blog too.

5. If you had a daughter and had to mentor her into a world of pinup, what would the 5 most important dos/don't be?

I'm not even thinking about it. I want to have a son!!!

6. Where do you shop for your pin up clothing?

Charity shops, antique shops, vintage shops and antique markets.

7. Who do you see as your role model?

All the ladies from the past.

8. Dita Von Teese audience is usually filled with 80% women. Why do you think women are currently really beginning to take an interest in pin-up style?
The interest today is greater than ever. The audience today is young women. It has changed completely from men in the 1950’s to young women today and I think it has to do with a problem in the culture.
These young women are looking for their sexual confidence, their sexual identity and they are not finding it in the mainstream culture.

9. What do you do in your spare time?

I'm studying Pharmacy.

10. Are you more flattered by female or male fans?

More female.

Thanks to all of my photographers: Safet Hadzimusic, Almin Zrno, Benis Arapovic, Vanja Lisac, Eldin Hasanagic, Anel Feric...
Nothing without them.

With love,

Idda van Munster

© All of the images (and text). If you want to use my photos in your blog or tumblr, that's great – please just link them back to me (on my email: aidadjapo@hotmail.com).

Any other use must be approved by me in writing first.

Thank you!

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  1. How gorgeous you are,Ida:-)))*

    And that is SO wonderful,you make your eyes and face more beautiful..............!!!
    Fantastic girl:-)*


  2. Savršena :***


  3. WOW, WOW and WOW. You look so beautiful.
    I love the picuteres.

  4. Sexy woman and beautiful pictures! :*

  5. Hello idda! Your portfolio is lovely. I was checking your blog and can i ask you something? I'd like to see your shoes haul! What is your favourite brand? Heels or flats? Well i am sure if you will write about this, it will be grand! I know a lot of rockabilly brands for shoes but i'd like to buy a pair of classic shoes(40's Style) what do you recommend me?
    Thanks in advance!!

  6. I definitely have you in my Pinterest. I think you are stunning!!

  7. Kakve fotografije,bez teksta sam...<3

  8. Da si lijepa nisi, prelijepa si.
    I slažem se u potpunosti kako se danas u mainstream kulturi ne može naći dobar uzor zato mi je pin up scena dobra, pruža ženama uvid u svijet gdje žena može biti sexy, sigurna u sebe, pametna i da ne ovisi o nikome. Takve dame sebi ne dopuštaju vrijeđanje i degradaciju kakve vidimo u spotovima mainstream izvođača

  9. liz taylor glavom! prekrasna si i prekrasno zračiš! divan intervju, baš kao što je rekla, totalno stojiš čvrsto na zemlji iako imaš bezbroj razloga biti visoko u oblacima- i upravo to je ono što te čini posebnom. pusa!

  10. You are amazing, darling!!!! <3 <3 <3

  11. Aida, не устаю восхищаться твоей красотой!
    Ты одна из самых удивительных девушек на просторах Интернета =)

    Разумеется, в мире миллионы обворожительных и красивых Блондинок и Брюнеток, но мне очень близки твое живое обаяние и желание поделиться с другими простыми секретами женского совершенства))

    From Russia with Love ♥Lana♥

    P.S. Уже пишу письмо с просьбой разрешить разместить твои чудесные фото на своем блоге.

  12. You are unbelievable pretty! I love your blog and whenever I visit your blog, I always find something that inspires me.

  13. Hej ;)
    Fajny blog ;P Naprawdę bardzo mi się podoba I będziemy zaglądać częściej ;D
    if you like follow us =)
    and let me know to follow you back,
    Simple Girls

  14. I love your look and style! So classic and vintage, you are beautiful! Thank you for sharing, I always feel inspired by your blogs :)

  15. Hi Idda, I am from Brazil. I like your blog and you is beautiful.

    Daise Alves

  16. So many nice photos! You're looking like a fashion model and Snow White with her dark hair, her red lips and her white teint at the same time. You're simply beautiful.

  17. You are unbelievably gorgeous and I love your blog :)

    Mona (Mabel)

    Mona's Guide to Pin-Up Style & Makeup

  18. Ove slike ostavljaju bez daha!!!! Wow! Ne mogu sa verujem da ovaj blog nisam pre pronasla!!! Savrseno!!!

  19. oh dear, you look so precious with your hair loose, I´d like to see you that way more often :)

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