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Portrait: Questions answered!

My portrait.

Make-up by me:

Powder: Max Factor BiH Facefinity All Day Flawless 3-in-1 Foundation Nude 47

Compact powder: Artdeco Dita von Teese porcelain
Blush: Benefit Sugarbomb

Eyebrow pencil: MAC brunette
Eyeliner: Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner in black
Eyelashes: Artdeco Dita von Teese nr. 32
Lipstick: Artdeco Dita von Teese nr. 607

Questions and my answers you asked me on my facebook fan page:

What are your staple products to achieve your perfect vintage look? 
I love the new Artdeco collection by Dita von Teese.  Compact powder for the perfect porcelain skin, liquid eyeliner for the cat-eye look and lipstick in the shade between red and orange. Must have is also: sunscreen SPF 100.

Do you have any secret tips, tricks and products to perfecting the classic winged eye? 
Perfect eyeliner is very elegant, sophisticated look with the all important element of vintage glamour. Generally, getting that perfect, flattering line is hard! I look down into a mirror to apply it so I can see the shape and match them up better. A lot of people are afraid of liquid liner. And for good reason! At first, it can be a little tricky to work with. But, as with all things, practice makes perfect! Using a black liquid liner with a very thin brush gently drag the brush along your lashline starting from the top inner corner of your eye toward the outer corner of your eye. Use a hands-free mirror and keep your eye relaxed and slightly open as you line. After you have lined both eyes, be sure to compare the liner on each eye. Are they even? If not, simply take a pointed q-tip and lightly drag the line along the eye to make it symmetrical to the other eye. Don’t worry if your liner isn’t perfect after your first try. It took me lots of practice to get it down. Don't forget – always follow your natural eye shape.

Do you have a beauty motto you live by? 
The only real beauty and elegance is in the mind; If you've got that, the rest really comes from it.
What is it like being vintage in a modern world? Do you find it difficult?

 I've never had a really bad reaction, but some people just don't "get it". The response is usually very positive; strangers and friends lusting after my latest finds. I also find that people don't realise some of my outfits are vintage, they assume that they have been bought from expensive boutiques. Wearing vintage means to be often overdressed compared to today fashion. There's no special occasion needed to wear a lovely dress. Every day is a special occasion! When people judge you and make fun of you that person feels badly about themselves. I am dressing for me, not anyone else.

Who is your ultimate beauty icon and why? 
When it comes to what inspires me, I would have to say it is a composition of many different things. From films and music to fashion and icons. I always feel so inspired by all these old classic beauties. Elizabeth Taylor, Ann Blyth, Ava Gardner, Ginger Rogers, Dovima, Suzy Parker, Doloroes del Rio, Debra Paget, Myrna Loy etc. These women had true talent and were true elegant women. No matter how many times I see one of their movies, I am always stunned at how amazing they were. One of my favorite style and beauty icons is Marlene Dietrich, because she was very in tune with what her own personal style was. As probably someone of you noticed, I admire strong women. Women who know what they want, work hard to have it and still have time to be caring, loving, feminine. „The most powerful of women are women who let themselves be inspired by greatness in other women“ – said Dita von Teese.

My love.

What music or musicians do you like?
 I live and love with music! I had my first music affair with jazz and rock’n’roll. And here & there with classic music. I enjoy listening to Miles Davis, Duke Ellington… Thanks goes to my father! There’s nothing I love more while I’m cleaning house or pinning up my victory rolls than listening to my favorite tunes. Nearly every vintage lover adores the Andrews Sisters and Elvis Presley, of course - but check out some of these other musical talents from the 1930’s to 1950’s: Dinah Shore, Tommy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Glen Miller, Ella Fitzgerald, Perry Como, Mario Lanza, Frankie Laine, Doris Day, Rosemary Clooney, Nat King Cole, Chuck Berry and The Chordettes.
Oh my, I love Edith Piaf and Billie Holiday! Annette Hanshaw is another favorite of mine! I must not forget the music of the WWII 40's - the great great Vera Lynn and the great great Marlene Dietrich.
But that’s not all:
I also enjoy listening to metal music: In Flames, Deftones, Volbeat, Five Finger Death Punch, Killswitch Engage... Yes, you read it right!

Do you feel that wearing a red lip enhances the way you feel? Do you have a perfect go-to red lipstick? 
Flawless skin is the most important thing, then red lips. Red is a timeless symbol of elegance. Yes of course! Because red lipstick is a timeless classic, worn by elegant people and movie stars all over the world for many decades. It is the most feminine color, the color of the fantasy " femme fatale " woman, which symbolizes seduction and glamour. Men are drawn to it, women feel confident wearing it. It gives power and a sense of mystery. Red lipstick is the ultimate weapon in the art of make up.
Your brows are impeccably structured. How do maintain them and make them so perfect? Do they hold a strong importance in your beauty routine? 
The secret of beauty: perfect eyebrows. It’s no secret that I am obsessed with eyebrows. More often than not, eyebrows are overlooked. Many women really underestimate the power of amazing eyebrows. I read the book „Beautiful Brows“ by Nancy Parker with a lot of photos of before - after look. You must have a feeling to discover the best brow shape for your face. Well-groomed brows can make you look polished and bring focus to your eyes, while ungroomed brows can make your overall look messy, and over plucked brows are just, well, scary.  Draw an imaginary line from the tear duct peak to the outer edge of the iris. This point indicates where the top of the arch should sit. Fill in sparse areas on the eyebrows with a sharpened eyebrow pencil. Apply light strokes over the existing hairs. Choose a brow pencil that matches the natural color of your eyebrows.

Do you have any advice for girls wanting to try the vintage look but are nervous about taking the plunge? 
You should wear what you want, and when you wear it with confidence, who has the right to criticize someone who looks good and feels good? Wear what makes you feel beautiful. And if you feel beautiful in what you're wearing, other people will pick up on that vibe and see how beautiful you really are.
Hope you enjoyed.
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As always sending lots of love,
Idda van Munster

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  9. Your eyebrows are the best shaped eyebrows I have ever seen, I wish mine was thicker, so I could shape them like that, but I dont have enough brow hair to do that, so I keep them quite thin. Thank you for this post, you are a true inpiration! I have that red/orange lipstick from Dita Von Teese collection too, its amazing indeed, I look forward to get more shades :)

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