petak, 12. travnja 2013.


Spring is finally here with Rags 2 Vintage!
Women's Fine Vintage Clothier One of a Kind Authentic Vintage, Retro & Pin-up Clothing - Be Unique!

Absolutely in love with my 1950s peach cocktail dress and the 1960s open weave hat.

It's really a pleasure to own and wear. Enjoyed opening the beautiful package by Barones Lovey De Luxe - My Jewelry She inspires by adding sweet retro-glamor to everyday wardrobes encouraging women to never forget how beautiful and unique they can feel.
Barones Lovey De Luxe: "They are handmade using two types of clay that makes them durable and slightly flexible. I have a client care policy unheard of on my jewelry. Wherever you are in the world you can send your Barones Lovey De Luxe design for cleaning, tweaking or repair at no-charge. Your roses have a life long guarantee!"

My blog Idda van Munster www.iddavanmunster.blogspot.comwas voted as one of the best in the BH blogosphere by the computer magazine INFO

Bought an original antique cameo.

Drinking Irish Coffee (the best coffee) before my University lessons. The sun is too shy to show up today, come on!

Waiting for the bus. Happy and satisfied with my new magenta leather vintage shoes.

Successful vintage shopping day.

Fresh SUNday!

FF nylons and high heels.

Light. Shine.

After hard-working, we really enjoyed our evening.

At the park with my love on a beautiful spring afternoon.

Ready to go out for lunch.

Make Art. Make Love. Make Tea.

1940's style mood.

Sending signed posters and cards. I ship all over the world! All of my images are printed on the best archival ink papers, using some of the best printing systems available. You choose the photo. Every print is individually signed by me. If you are interested, please email me:

Just can't decide which nail polish to wear. Spring spring - what are you doing to me?

Whats inside my handbag!

Doing wedding make-up.

NEW PUBLICATION: CHIC BLOGGERS - two photos of me by Angelica Photography ❤ in one of the best fashion magazines in my country Bosnia and Hercegovina - ChiC fashion magazine! There are also amazing bloggers such as Lonely robot in a wasteland and Immortal Passion - check out their blogs!

Survived the wisdom teeth operation. Hero!

My spring/summer hats cleaned: can't wait to wear!
The one I'm wearing in the last two photos is handmade by my lovely friend Monia - Dolly von Sucre!

Idda van Munster

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  1. Goodness! So much to say! Okay I love your photos of your hair in rollers-you are too cute! And the photo of you and your love-dreamy! I adore those types of photos and I have one of my shadow on a tree with my first pregnancy-its so cool. Your nails are amazing and I hope one day when my babies are older I can have nails like that-even for a little bit hehe I loved this post! Your life seems full and joyful!! xox

  2. Aida predivna si ! Sve najbolje !

  3. Looking wonderful as always. I love your shoes!

  4. Obozavam tvoj blog ! Toliko inspiracije na jednom mestu...

  5. You are such an inspirational person, and I know you already know this but you are beautiful, I love your make-up! And those red shoes, gosh..!

  6. Love these photo's, your so beautiful and i love your style x

  7. You look stunning my lovely - I love the mint nail varnish, can I ask which brand it is please?

    Your make up looks flawless - I need tips!


  8. Beautiful photos, you are perfection. Those finds look fabulous xx

  9. how fun, i had the same dark red /magenta shoes from deichmann. sadly i had to sell them, because they got quite uncomftable after i broke my foot. good to see them on you! ;)

  10. Very nice make up colors! I think any color looks good on you.
    And beautiful cameo is so romantic :) thank you for sharing

  11. Aida, divni ste! Mozete mi reci kako ste tu punđicu napravili.. I ostale su frizure predivne, ali je to isuvise komplikovano da napravim :D ;))! Hvala vam unaprijed ;)