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My collaboration with Bésame Cosmetics Europe

Dear readers,

It's official - I am cooperating now with Bésame Cosmetics EuropeI have been dying to try Bésame Cosmetics ever since I first heard about them. I fell in love with the elegantly vintage styled packaging and the vintage inspired lipstick colors and the idea of brightening violet powder.

I´ll do workshops in whole Europe to train you the usage of Bésame Cosmetics based on the beautiness of stars that you all love.

For bookings please direct contact me on my email:   aidadjapo@hotmail.com or at 

 Bésame Cosmetics Europe facebook page.

I had my 1st test workshop in my hometown Sarajevo yesterday. It was a fantastic day - learning all about this brand and sharing vintage makeup tips and tricks. Bésame Cosmetics are a vintage inspired brand that use natural ingredients to provide high quality makeup. Created in the US, not tested on animals, made from natural ingredients and organic oils, pigment rich and based on vintage packaging, colours and formulations. The first thing that drew me to the products were the packaging... but... these cosmetics look as good on as they do in their packaging! Very reminiscent of 1920's-1930's makeup packaging. Gold plated (real gold!) with delicate flower etching. It’s a bit of everyday luxury, and very affordable compared to “big” brands like Chanel or Dior. 

This is really the most gorgeous range of makeup a vintage loving gal could wish for! I'm in love with the lipsticks. All of the colors are just beautiful. Highly pigmented, long lasting, non drying. The texture is creamy and goes on like silk. I can't believe how long the color lasts. Red lipstick is a tricky one. Your skin tone, condition of your teeth, and of course hair colour will all play a part in determining what colour red looks best on you - if you are interested I can do a special post about all the shades (with photos and details)... let me know.
I absolutely love the compact poweders, brightening violet powder, crimson rouge etc. etc. 

Here are some photos from the workshop - telling a little story:

I'm wearing my new favorite shoes by Irregular Choice CHEEKY MOOSE. Find "Metaphysika" on facebook and shop there! The new collection autumn/winter 2013/2014 is amazing!

and the final photo (a part of us):

I'd like to say a giant thank you to Mija Burazerović for taking these wonderful photos. Thanks to the best place on planet Earth - caffee Zlatna Ribica!

Thank you girls for being a part of my little vintage party!

...and in the end: BIG BIG thanks to Besame Cosmetics Europe.

Love you all,


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  1. Wow, such a beautiful place, that café! And you all look stunning :)

  2. gorgeous bunch of gals! and the best place ever for a cosmetics/vintage party x x x

  3. So lovely. This brand looks amazing. I wish I could find it in Bulgaria

  4. you should make a red lipstick post :)

  5. Oh, ich liebe Bésame Cosmetics ^-^

    Ich finde, die Produkte passen einfach perfekt zu dir.

    Liebst, dein Perlchen Noir


  6. I love the packaging as well, it is so gorgeous.

    Can I make a suggestion for your blog? If you are going to disable right clicking with the mouse, then please make your links open in new windows when you left click. Since you have disabled right click, I could not right click the Bésame Cosmetics Facebook page to open it in a new tab/window; disabling right click but not having links open in new windows means that if anyone wants to visit links you share, they are forced to leave your site (instead of having both open).

  7. I would especially know more about their powder- is porcelain a really light one? What is the finish like?

  8. Congratulations Aida, you were the perfect choice! It's a pity we don't have Besame here in Greece. I want to try out so many things!

  9. This in fact must be a great place :D! In fact I must say that the more I look at the photos of Sarayevo, the more I wish to visit this city - it looks like a reallyamazing one with so many stunning places to see :D!
    And please, do a post about the shades :*! It would be so nice!

    Lots of love!

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