subota, 11. siječnja 2014.

Goodbye, Successful 2013! Hello, Ambitious 2014!

Oh, 2013, you were so amazing!
I don't even know where to start... I visited lots of new places, met lots of new people, and had so many new experiences, both good and bad. The year always feels like it goes by really fast, but stopping to reflect, it reminds me that a lot happened too. A lot always happens, it’s just hard to remember all of it. There were more good things that happened this year, but the bad was still there.
This was my first official year of being in business full time and working hard for myself: freelance as make-up and hairartist, modeling and acting. I cooperated with amazing brands such as Max Factor, Collectif Clothing, Playful Promises, Seifen Atelier Helena, Glitter Paradise, Avène, Bésame Cosmetics, What Katie Did, Recollection by Sandra Murphy, Ella Gajewska, Anya Caliendo, BHtelecom... worked with the most talented photographers: Claire Rosen from New York, Tom Maurer from Germany, my friend Nadja Berberović, Maja Topčagić Angelica Photography, Nina Mašić, Safet Hadžimusić, MMS studio for wedding dresses Destiny by Merima Halimanović-Bravić, Hana Pašić Arwen Photography and many more. I had my first role in a music video in 2013 for our most popular rock band in Bosnia & Hercegovina - Emir & Frozen Camels (here the link to the song called "Ters Bosanka" (meaning Moody Bosnian Girl). Emir & Frozen Camels ft. Mirza represented Bosnia with their "Ters Bosanka" song in final of Turkvizyon. I was also on stage with the band in front of 300 milions of audience. The contest is an inaugural competition, and was held in Eskişehir, Turkey. For me this trip was really exciting, because I was in Turkey for the first time in my life! I fell in love with Istanbul. If you are interested - I can make a post with lots of photos from my Turkey trip. Emir Bukovica (if you are reading this post) - big big thanks for everything you have done for me!!!
I went to Germany this year too: had a wonderful time in Berlin! 

The special highlight of 2013 goes to my cooperation with Irregular Choice Balkans and shop Metaphysika in Sarajevo which is one of Irregular Choice top ten shops in Europe. My engagement with this team of people has been very inspiring and there are some really great plans and commitments ahead of us for 2014. Indeed I remain to be Irregular Choice biggest fan but also you will see me this year working for them even closer.

I am proud to be part of passionate, professional and creative team, always working hard individuals to achieve the best results in such lovely and friendly atmosphere. Big big big thanks to my dearest friends Adnana Handžić and Nađa Berberović!

I have ended the year feeling stronger, empowered and more self loving than ever before and this itself makes the year 2013 worthy in every single minute. There are many people in my life today who deserve much credit for keeping me balanced, grounded, inspired, motivated, encouraged and happy. Thank you, and I do sincerely appreciate your continued support.

Now enjoy the photography taken by Nadja Berbefovic Photography we made for Irregular Choice Balkans.
Happy New Year, Everyone. Thank you for your continued support. I wish you all the best for 2014 and beyond.

Shoes: Bloxy Irregular Choice
Fascinator: Blackbirdfield Beograd
Blouse: Playful Promises
Corset: Ava Corsetry

Shoes: Warm Rays Irregular Choice
Hat: Ella Gajewska
Dress: Stop Staring

Shoes: Abigails Party Irregular Choice
Hat: Ella Gajewska
Skirt and cardigan: Vintage

Shoes: Warm Rays Irregular Choice
Dress: by Sandra Murphy
Jewellery: Glitter Paradise
Hat: Ella Gajewska

Shoes: Bloxy Red Black Irregular Choice
Corset and lingerie: What Katie Did

Shoes: Patty Bordo Irregular Choice and Baby Beauty
Blouse: Vintage

Hat: Blackbirdfield fascinators Beograd Serbia

With love,
Idda van Munster

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  1. what a year. congrats!
    i've been to instanbul some years ago and i loved it so much there. i can't wait to visit this city again some day.

  2. no coment :), images are really GREAT, go ahead :)

  3. Congratulations :D!
    I've just seen the videoclip and I must admit that I'm impressed :). And I really liked the song - too bad I couldn't understand too much but I think that if I listen closely I'll catch some more words (well, all in all, slavic languages are all a bit similar ;) ) :).
    Hope everything goes well in 2014 :D!