petak, 31. siječnja 2014.

Winter time with Jazzafine pieces full of verve

Hello dear readers,

Yes, I like the winter most of the time.
It doesn't matter where you are, when it snows it's so quiet and peaceful. The air is so crisp and clean. The sunrises and sunsets are just gorgeous. And....I actually love winter dressing! My winter wardobe is very inspired by the 1940's fashion: beautiful coats, hats, gloves, gaytees boots and collars. The classic vintage coat is a great way to keep warm in the cold weather and look great at the same time.

Earrings, coat and bag: Vintage
Boots: Görtz

What do you wear in winter?

Warm hugs,
Idda van Munster

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  1. I don't like winter because it's always so rainy! Vintage winter clothes are also much more difficult to find than summer coton dresses, not many wool dresses have survived... moths loved them as much than we love them!
    I don't like also to wear layers and layers of clothes... you can wear the most prettier dress of your wardrobe but nobody will see it because you had to wear warm sweater and heavy coat!
    That's why I treat myself with a new vintage coat everywhere to make me happier in winter!
    You look gorgeous as always!!!!

  2. Those hats are adorable! *goes to check out web-site*

  3. Winter in the Netherlands hasn't really arrived yet with exception of some really cold days. But yesterday, it even felt like spring; soft sun shining and a comfortable temperature. But when winter is here, it can be unbearably cold, windy and rainy - a killer for my curled hair.

    But I really like to dress for winter aswell; I wear 1930s and 1940s coats with fur collars and cute boots or suede pumps, from the 1930s and '40s, in earthy colors (same counts for woollen winter dresses). The peeve of winter, however, is finding original 1930s winter stockings. They are very popular amongst vintage lovers and I am often too late to snatch up a pair.

    I can't wait for spring! My favorite season!

    Last but not least: you look amazing as ever and ever and ever.


  4. Well, now in Poland the weather is so awful that to keep myself warm I must look like I was heading for Siberia XD. But that's not becouse of the temperature (about -7 to -12) but the horrible cold and strong wind - it's a disaster!
    Now I wear a black "vintagish" coat, a warm woolen colorful scarf, a warm colorful winter hat that covers my ears, red or black leather gloves and my wonderfull dark-brown winter boots :).

    And I must say that I also love winter :D (but not when it's so windy :/...). I really love ice skating and going on winter walks with my dogs (which also give the impression of joyfulness becouse of the snow :) ).

    Lots of warmth :)!


  5. unfortunately I live in tropical country, no winter :(

    You are so inspirational and beauutifull as always
    I have already stalked jazzafine website ;)

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