srijeda, 5. ožujka 2014.

Last spring 2013 - Germany

Dear readers,

I was looking into my files in the middle of the night and found some of these pictures which was taken in Germany last spring. Just wanted to share these old pictures with you here.

Photos by Tom Maurer

Dress and hat by Rags 2 Vintage

Cardigan: Chloé

Shoes, jewellery and bag: Vintage

Hairstyle and makeup by me

Model Dog: Etienne 


I can't wait for spring to arrive... Spring fever!


Idda van Munster

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  1. Hello Idda,
    you look stunning - as usual. I love the bright colours on those spring-y pictures. Is that your own dog?
    Greetings, Sandy

  2. Hello! Very feminine and beautiful outfit! Doggie was a good model)

  3. That shade of pink looks gorgeous on you!

  4. Absolutely Stunning!

  5. These pics are exquisite! you are so beautiful and your outfit is simply stunning, I can't wait for spring too! x x x

  6. Stunning, absolutely beautiful x