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Max Factor review 2: Pink. Rose. Coral.

 My recommendation of Max Factor products in ALL Cosmetic Markets CM in Bosnia and Hercegovina.

This post is my 2nd review for Max Factor.
This time I will show you the pink and coral shades of lipsticks and glosses, mascaras and more - I absolutely enjoyed making this post and from now on I will wear pink and coral shades more than often. Lately, I'm a bit tired of the classic pin up look (most of all THE RED LIPSTICK)- so I'm inspired by the 1930's ladies with the gorgeous finger waves and pink lips and nails.
Thank you Max Factor Bosnia & Hercegovina you have sponsored me with these wonderful products!

Hope you will be satisfied again with my review!

Starting with the final looks:

What have I used to achieve this look?

Foundation: Max Factor Smooth Effect Foundation (Creamy Ivory 45)

I'm really surprised by the bad reviews about this product. I find it is a really good foundation. I understand that the commercials and even the name of the product itself could be misleading. This foundation, in my opinion, is only for who wants a light/sheer coverage, a natural finish and a creamy consistency.

If you have major problems or a lot of spots to cover this is not the right foundation. 

Overall I think this is a great product and the thing I like the most is that it gives me a beautiful finish and it looks like I have nothing on.

I'm in the lightest shade (45 creamy ivory) and it's perfect for my skin tone. I don't even use it all over my face if I don't need it.

Mascara: Max Factor Eye Brightening Tonal Black Volumising

Max Factor is  famous for great mascaras so their new Eye Brightening Tonal Black Volumising Mascaras should not disappoint.
I like the idea of eye brightening effect which you should get because of the light reflecting particles and gem-toned colour beads. 

The range includes: Black Pearl for brown eyes, Black Sapphire for blue eyes and Black Ruby for green eyes.
The promo photo actually looks pretty, I like the blue shimmer.

 The brush is quite thin but it applies the mascara with ease and doesn’t leave any clumps. For day time I only use 1 coat but if you want a more dramatic look for a night out you must put 2-3 coat of mascara.
Left my eye with false eyelashes and Max Factor eyeliner here is the link - right my eye with 1 coat of  Eye Brightening Tonal Black Volumising Mascara - I love it, really looks natural for day time.
I have to be honest, for the final look, I'm still using false lashes.


Lipstick: Max Factor Colour Elixir lipstick in Pink Brandy and Bewitching Coral

First of all:
Max Factor lipsticks are always dependable. What you see in the tube is what you get on the lips.
It feels really moisturising on the lips and has amazing staying power. You feel like you're wearing a (strongly) pigmented lip balm - Colour Elixir is so soft, so silky, yet with decent lasting power.

Pink Brandy is a clear, medium coral, bright in the tube but easy to wear and very flattering on my pale skin and pigmented lips. It has a 50's feel to it that I like. Don't know how they come up with the names but this has little to do with pink, it's pure brandy. Definitely a favourite.

Bewitching Coral is an insanely bright and strong shade of coral, verging on hot pink - it is quite similar to MAC Impassioned, which is one of my favourite lipsticks, but warmer, more orange and doesn't pack quite as much of a punch as Impassioned does. The colour is anything but subtle, though, and I love both of them.
On my lips, Pink Brandy lasts a good 3-4, even 5 hours. I don't know how Max Factor have done it - moisturising lipsticks rarely stay put this long - but I applaud them for that.

Gloss: Max Factor Lipfinity Colour & Gloss

Max Factor Lipfinity Colour & Gloss is an innovative double-ended Lipstick, which gives a depth of multi-tonal colour and shine for an eye-catching look that lasts up to 10 hours.
Gleaming Coral 570 and Radiant Rose 510.

I have tried nearly every longlasting lip colour from maybelline to Mac and Max Factor have definately got the formula right!!! It never get chunky or flakey on the lips and lasts ages! Well done Max Factor someone had finally done it right! Thank you!

I'm a big fan of long wearing lipsticks and I think Max Factor was one of the first to introduce this. The trick to long wearing lipsticks to let it dry first and then apply the gloss.

And on my lips:

Nails: Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish in two shades

 I wrote about Max Factor Glossfinity Nail Polish in my first review.
The shades are: Cute Coral and Disco Pink.
For the first time in my life I have pink nails.
I love this combination, it is not agressive as red/white.
What do you think of this look? Would you try it yourself?

Hope you enjoyed.
What do you think of all these products?
Let me know.

Printed and signed for American fans ❤
If you are interested too - send me an email for more infos:

With love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. The first thing I have to say: You are one of the most beautiful women in the world! ♥

    I wear red lipstick very often and at last I had the same idea you had.
    I'm still looking for beautiful shades of pink and coral, now I know which lipsticks I have to buy. Thanks for this post :)

    1. I'm flattered, I have no words - thanks for this compliment! Sending you lots of love.

  2. Are you wearing Gleaming Coral in the full face photo with you outside? That colour looks stunning on you! I love reading your blog (ok, more looking at the pictures!)you are beautiful and keep up the good work! I'm hoping that MaxFactor will come to Canada soon :)

    1. Yes Samantha, that's Gleaming Coral in this photo outside.
      I didn't know that there is no MaxFactor in Canada.

      Thank you so much!

  3. I love to read reviews! If only Max Factor was back in America )-: I love that they are marketing to the vintage crowd as well. You look beautiful and I love the idea of pink and fingerwaves. xoxo

    1. Thank you!
      These shades are really a refreshing change from red!

  4. Divne su ti fotografije. Karmini su mi sjajni. A lakove moram potraziti da kupim, pogotovo Cute Coral...


    1. Hvala puno Dragana ❤
      Bilo je baš puno posla za ovaj review.
      Max Factor ruževi su UVIJEK fenomenalni!

  5. My dearest Idda, any colour looks amazing on you! Beautiful!!!! <3

  6. Ja ne mogu da vjerujem koliko si ti lijepa ... Slažem se sa jednim komentarom iznad, definitivno jedna od najljepših žena na svijetu :*

  7. I love Max Factor but I haven't tried any of the products you've mentioned here so I'll have to see if I can give them a go. I love the coral shades on you, so gorgeous!

  8. Idda, Are You not against, I made a link to your blog in my records?

  9. I just found your blog today, and why didn't I find it earlier?!? I am in love with your sense of style, your vintage authenticity... You are such a beautiful, elegant, classy lady! Flawlessly well put :) Charming blog^^ xx
    Just Followed <3

  10. Well, I'm so sorry to mistake you for Leah... Shame on me.
    But still I'm amazed to discover you are gorgeous, simply divine.
    So glad to find your blog! Merry Christmas and have a great holidays :)

  11. I Love the nailpolish and the lipsticks! But here in Germany they are not sold :(

  12. which false lashes do you use ? btw great look love them all

  13. Disco Pink looks sheer and lovely!
    ~Pauline @Kallony

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  15. you are so beautyful but you need a pair of eyelashes i think,haha,recomand

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