nedjelja, 3. lipnja 2012.

Why are we waiting?

"A well dressed woman, even though her purse is painfully empty, can conquer the world."      
- Louise Brooks

Guess what I’m doing?
Waiting in an airport. I wonder how much productivity is lost from people waiting in airports.
We are always waiting for something.
I don’t think I am alone when I say I hate waiting around. Time goes slower, your patience is shorter and its just so dull.

We spend the majority of our lives waiting; waiting for something to happen, waiting for something to end, waiting for something to begin. That ‘something’ is most definitely life itself and why are we waiting? Why do we wait for something that is blatantly and inevitably right before our eyes?

Sure there are ways to make this time productive. Like creating a blog entry. The marvels of modern technology have really helped chew up wait time. Back in the old days you could basically read the paper or read a book.

Here are the photos:

Airport's duty-free shopping founds:

1950's red Dior nail lacquer
Professional Illuminating Tweezers
With love,

Idda van Munster

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  1. prekul šoping! sviđa mi se makeup na zadnjoj slici gdje je zumirano lice ;)

  2. This is the perfect airport outfit. I am so in love with your shoes. So beautiful!

  3. I'm totaly in love with your style!!

  4. Well you have managed to look completely immaculate and glamourous in your boredom. Cannot go wrong with red nail polish either! xxx

  5. Baš si lijepa, outfit me podsjeća na stjuardese i totalno bi se uklopila u Mad Men seriju.

  6. Čekaj, to naš aerodrom? Ima Tweezerman? :)

    I btw, cipke su savršene, frizura savršena, ma sva si mi savršena :*

  7. These pictures are just too beautiful for words. Could absolutely be a shoot from a magazine. Especially love the two of you sitting on the bench - the colours are perfect.

  8. this looks like a stewardess dress ... cute. i have a so-called stewardess dress too. it has almost the same colour.

    great post. i love your words about waiting ...

  9. Opcinjena sam cipelama, to sam ti i prije rekla :).Divne su.

  10. Cekaajuci Godoa :)
    Cekanje nekog ili neceg djeluje kao uslov da pocnemo nesto raditi,
    i tako u krug.

    Svidjaju mi se tematske fotografije, stjuardesa :)
    Cipele su savrsene.

  11. Hey Idda,

    just discovered your blog and you are just amazing! I immediately fell in love with you. Maybe you like also to check out my blog, because I love vintage, too. But you're doing it with a perfection I wish I could ever get.
    So much inspiration here! xoxo


  12. Hvala svima! Thank you all ladies! Lots of love...

  13. Breath taking as always aida love the dress kisses from ur Irish friend xx leonie.

  14. beautiful, fantatsic work, style, the class. Congratulations.